GMAT 3 Weeks


Question: Give me useful tips for preparation of GMAT exam in 3 weeks? Ans: Here I am providing you some tips by which you can prepare for GMAT exam in 3 weeks: Give yourself time Pick up the materials Familiarize yourself with the format Find your weaknesses Find out what score you need Make a […]

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GMAT 31 Days


Question : Tell me that how often can one Take the GMAT? Answer One may only take the GMAT once in every 31 days. I mean to say, if one takes the examination on July 1, he/she can’t take it again until August 1. If he/she takes the examination on July 29, he/she will not […]

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GMAT question paper


Question: Please provide me the GMAT question paper? Answer- The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is conducted by Graduate Admission Management Council (GAMC), The candidates can get admitted in various Post Graduate Management Courses in different foreign institutes after clearing GMAT. You need the GMAT exam question paper, I am uploading a file, from where […]

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GMAT application


Question: Give me GMAT application deadline? Ans: As you are asking for me GMAT application deadline so here we are providing you dates which is last date for application as so: Application Deadline for GMAT 2013: November 15 January 5 GMAT/or GRE Taken by October 25 December 15 Fellowship Notification Mid March GMAT score may […]

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GMAT Questions


Question: Give me GMAT sample question for practice. Answer: You want GMAT Sample Question so here is the question: 1. If a = 3 and b = -2, what is the value of a2 + 3ab – b2? A. 5 B. -13 C. -4 D. -20 E. 13 2. 34 is what percent of 80? […]

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GMAT is The Short Form of The Graduate Management Admissions Test GMAT Exam is Conducts Admission in MBA Program for academic Session 2010. For apply in GMAT the candidate should have passed any graduate Degree from any Recognised University. Selection of The Candidate in GMAT Exams is based on Obtained Marks.

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