GMAT Hacks


Question According to GMAT Hacks website which is 10 secrets of GMAT? Answer You want to know10 secrets of GMAT so According to GMAT Hacks website here it is: 1. Time Management is everything Everything. It doesn’t matter whether you can answer a question correctly; it matters whether you can do so in the time […]

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GMAT Gurgaon


Question : Will you please give me the list of the GMAT test centres in Gurgaon with contact details, & also give me GMAT coaching centres? Answer- You are looking for the GMAT test centres in Gurgaon with contact details, I am giving here: GMAT Test Centres: Prometric Testing Pvt. Ltd 2nd Floor, DLF Infinity […]

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GMAT Guide


Question: Provide me content of GMAT Preparation Guide? Answer: Following are contents of GMAT Preparation Guide: Ch. 2: Reading Comprehension How to actively read texts for tone and bias How to read quickly and efficiently How to analyze essay structure The 10 major question types Additional practice questions Ch. 5: Mathematics Comprehensive math review of […]

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GMAT Guidance


Question Kindly provide me the name of the books and question papers which give GMAT Guidance… Answer You can get the GMAT Questions paper form the attachment given below. This is the content of the attached file: x3/2 + 2x + 1 is an exponential expression while 2x + 3 is not an exponential expression. […]

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Question: Will you please provide me the GMAT, GRE entrance exam eligibility? Answer- The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. The GRE stands for Graduate Record Exam. Both of exams GMAT & GRE is conducted for taking admission in management course, conducted by most of business schools. GMAT Eligibility: The candidates should have a […]

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GMAT Grammar Rules


GMAT is primarily trying to test our knowledge of written English, which is more formal than the English that we speak every day or even than that we write. This Grammar book gives you a thorough yet concise background of English grammar that you need to succeed in the GMAT Sentence Correction Section. The GMAT […]

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GMAT Grammar


Question: Give me list of GMAT Grammar Rules. Answer: Following is GMAT Grammar Rules list: Subject – Verb Agreement Sentence should be constructed in such a way that subject and verb agree with noun count and usage. Pronoun Agreement Pronoun agreement errors embedded with other question types. Parallel Construction/Parallelism Parallelism involves maintaining a similar structure […]

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GMAT Good Score


The GMAT test is only one of several parameters which the graduate schools look at to determine the selection of an applicant. A high score alone does not translate into an admission offer from a great school. There is no doubt that you should target a high GMAT score and that a high score will […]

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Question : Tell me name of some good for preparation of GMAT exam which is published by Graduate Management Council. Ans: Following is list of GMAT books published by Graduate Management Council: The Official Guide for GMAT, 13th Edition The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review GMAT Focus GMAT Paper Tests GMAT Write

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GMAT Geometry


GMAT Geometry Question: I need chapter list which ask in GMAT geometry can you provide me it? Answer: Geometry is always a logical puzzle. The GMAT gives you a tiny piece of information about a figure, and you must logically deduce the information the question wants I am providing you chapter of geometry in GMAT:- […]

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