MS in Mass Communication from Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies

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Question: Give me M.S. Mass Communication course content which offer by Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies?

Ans: Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies offer M.S. Mass Communication course and here is its course contents:

Communication Research Methods
Public Relations & Corporate Communication
Broadcast Media – Radio & Television
Developmental Communication
Mass Communication Laws & Ethics
Media of Mass Communication
Principles & Characteristics of Radio & Television
Advanced Editing Techniques
Health Communication
Advertising Communication
Industrial Communication
Magazine Journalism – Production Techniques
Vernacular Journalism
Science & Technology Communication
Advanced Communication Theories
Environmental Communication
Information Technology for Communication & Mass Media
Broadcasting Programme Analysis
Writing for Magazines
Principles of Reporting
Communication Policy Management
Organisational Communication
Broadcasting – Production Techniques
Writing for Vernacular Press
International Communication
Traditional Media
Film Analysis
Economic Journalism
Film Communication
Political Communication
Introduction to Mass Communication


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