Diploma Workplace Training and Assessment

Diploma Workplace Training and Assessment

Course objectives

Demonstrate appropriate professional qualities including self-management, leadership and organisational skills, and an awareness of the ethical considerations affecting VET;

1. Apply and adapt key concepts and theories of education and training to the changing contexts of VET.
2. Engage in ongoing critical reflection as a means of continuing their professional development;
3. Develop and maintain professional relationships and collaborative work practices
4. Evaluate the contexts of VET using a range of theoretical perspectives;
5. analyze the interplay between group, individual and organisational needs and how these can be addressed through education and training;
6. Apply research findings to VET and identify further areas for investigation.

Assessment for this qualification considers correspond knowledge questions, work-based projects and third party reports.

Entry requirements
Candidates must have completed an approved three-year degree or approved its equivalent and have entrance to an education and training role which appropriates the professional practice component of the course to be met.