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Default Important Chapters for AFMC

Is there anyone who will provide list of important chaptors for AFMC Medical Entrance Exam? Actually I have completed 10+2 and want to take admission in MBBS Course at Air Force Medical College. So please provide important chaptors for AFMC Medical Entrance Exam?
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Default Re: Important Chapters for AFMC

As you want important chaptors for AFMC Medical Entrance Exam for admission in MBBS Course, so here I am providing syllabus of AFMC Medical Entrance Exam:

AFMC Medical Entrance Exam Syllabus

Unit 1 : Diversity in Living World
Biology - its meaning and relevance to mankind
What is living; Taxonomic categories and aids (Botanical gardens, herbaria, museums, zoological parks); Systematics and Binomial system of nomenclature.
Introductory classification of living organisms (Two-kingdom system, Five-kingdom system);
Major groups of each kingdom alongwith their salient features (Monera, including Archaebacteria and Cyanobacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia); Viruses; Lichens
Plant kingdom - Salient features of major groups (Algae to Angiosperms);
Animal kingdom - Salient features of Nonchordates up to phylum, and Chordates up to class level.

Unit 2 : Cell : The Unit of Life ; Structure and Function
Cell wall; Cell membrane; Endomembrane system (ER, Golgi apparatus/Dictyosome, Lysosomes, Vacuoles); Mitochondria; Plastids; Ribosomes; Cytoskeleton; Cilia and Flagella; Centrosome and Centriole; Nucleus; Microbodies.
Structural differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic, and between plant and animal cells.
Cell cycle (various phases); Mitosis; Meiosis.
Biomolecules - Structure and function of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, and Nucleic acids. Enzymes - Chemical nature, types, properties and mechanism of action.

Unit 3 : Genetics and Evolution
Mendelian inheritance; Chromosome theory of inheritance; Gene interaction; Incomplete
dominance; Co-dominance; Complementary genes; Multiple alleles;
Linkage and Crossing over; Inheritance patterns of hemophilia and blood groups in humans.
DNA -its organization and replication; Transcription and Translation; Gene expression and
regulation; DNA fingerprinting.
Theories and evidences of evolution, including modern Darwinism.

Unit 4 : Structure and Function - Plants
Morphology of a flowering plant; Tissues and tissue systems in plants;
Anatomy and function of root, stem(including modifications), leaf, inflorescence, flower
(including position and arrangement of different whorls, placentation), fruit and seed; Types of
fruit; Secondary growth;

Absorption and movement of water (including diffusion, osmosis and water relations of cell) and
of nutrients; Translocation of food; Transpiration and gaseous exchange; Mechanism of stomatal

Mineral nutrition - Macro- and micro-nutrients in plants including deficiency disorders; Biological nitrogen fixation mechanism.

Photosynthesis - Light reaction, cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation; Various pathways of carbon dioxide fixation; Photorespiration; Limiting factors .

Respiration - Anaerobic, Fermentation, Aerobic; Glycolysis, TCA cycle; Electron transport system; Energy relations.

Unit : 5 Structure and Function - Animals
Elementary knowledge of morphology, anatomy and functions of different systems of earthworm, cockroach and frog.
Human Physiology - Digestive system - organs, digestion and absorption; Respiratory system - organs, breathing and exchange and transport of gases. Body fluids and circulation - Blood,
lymph, double circulation, regulation of cardiac activity; Hypertension, Coronary artery diseases.
Excretion system - Urine formation, regulation of kidney function
Locomotion and movement - Skeletal system, joints, muscles, types of movement.
Control and co-ordination - Central and peripheral nervous systems, structure and function of
neuron, reflex action and sensory reception; Role of various types of endocrine glands; Mechanism of hormone action.

Unit : 6 Reproduction, Growth and Movement in Plants
Asexual methods of reproduction; Sexual Reproduction - Development of male and female
gametophytes; Pollination (Types and agents); Fertilization; Development of embryo, endosperm, seed and fruit (including parthenocarpy and apomixis).
Growth and Movement - Growth phases; Types of growth regulators and their role in seed
dormancy, germination and movement; Apical dominance; Senescence; Abscission; Photoperiodism; Vernalisation; Various types of movements

Unit 7 : Reproduction and Development in Humans
Male and female reproductive systems; Menstrual cycle; Gamete production; Fertilisation;
Implantation; Embryo development; Pregnancy and parturition; Birth control and contraception.

Unit 8 : Ecology and Environment
Meaning of ecology, environment, habitat and niche.
Ecological levels of organization (organism to biosphere); Characteristics of Species, Population, Biotic Community and Ecosystem; Succession and Climax.
Ecosystem - Biotic and abiotic components; Ecological pyramids; Food chain and Food web;
Energy flow; Major types of ecosystems including agroecosystem.
Ecological adaptations - Structural and physiological features in plants and animals of aquatic and desert habitats.
Biodiversity - Meaning, types and conservation strategies (Biosphere reserves, National parks and Sanctuaries)
Environmental Issues - Air and Water Pollution (sources and major pollutants); Global warming and Climate change; Ozone depletion; Noise pollution; Radioactive pollution; Methods of pollution control (including an idea of bioremediation); Deforestation; Extinction of species (Hot Spots).

Unit 9 : Biology and Human Welfare
Animal husbandry - Livestock, Poultry, Fisheries; Major animal diseases and their control.
Pathogens of major communicable diseases of humans caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoans and helminths, and their control.
Cancer; AIDS.
Adolescence and drug/alcohol abuse;
Basic concepts of immunology.
Plant Breeding and Tissue Culture in crop improvement.
Biofertilisers (green manure, symbiotic and free-living nitrogen-fixing microbes, mycorrhizae);
Biopesticides (micro-organisms as biocontrol agents for pests and pathogens); Bioherbicides;
Microorganisms as pathogens of plant diseases with special reference to rust and smut of wheat, bacterial leaf blight of rice, late blight of potato, bean mosaic, and root - knot of vegetables.
Bioenergy - Hydrocarbon - rich plants as substitute of fossil fuels.

Unit 10 : Biotechnology and its Applications
Microbes as ideal system for biotechnology;
Microbial technology in food processing, industrial production (alcohol, acids, enzymes,
antibiotics), sewage treatment and energy generation.
Steps in recombinant DNA technology - restriction enzymes, DNA insertion by vectors and other methods, regeneration of recombinants.
Applications of R-DNA technology. In human health -Production of Insulin, Vaccines and Growth hormones, Organ transplant, Gene therapy. In Industry - Production of expensive enzymes, strain improvement to scale up bioprocesses. In Agriculture - GM crops by transfer of genes for nitrogen fixation, herbicide-resistance and pest-resistance including Bt crops.

AFMC Medical Entrance Exam Syllabus - Chemistry

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