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Default Previous Question Paper of DRDO CEPTAM

Is there anybody who will provide previous year question paper of DRDO CEPTAM Examination? Please give link to download previous year question papers of DRDO CEPTAM Examination?
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Default Re: Previous Question Paper of DRDO CEPTAM

As you are looking for question papers of DRDO CEPTAM Examination, so I am providing question paper:

DRDO CEPTAM Examination Question Paper

Mechanical Engineering:
1. In the case of a curved beam subjected to pure bending, which of the following is true?
(a) Neutral axis coincides with the centroidal axis.
(b) Neutral axis lies between the centroidal axis and the center of curvature.
(c) Location of neutral axis depends upon the magnitude of bending moment
(d) There is no neutral axis.

2. Spur gears are used for
(a) connecting two intersecting shafts
(b) transmitting power between two intersecting shafts
(c) transmitting power between two parallel shafts
(d) transmitting power between two inline shafts

3. Which of the following bearings are termed as antifriction bearings?
(a) Journal bearings
(b) Gas lubricated bearings
(c) Ball and roller bearings
(d) Air bearings

4. In a slider-crank mechanism, the crank is rotating with an angular velocity of 20 rad/s in counterclockwise direction. At the instant when the crank is perpendicular to the direction of the piston movement, velocity of the piston is 2 m/s. Radius of the crank is
(a) 100 cm
(b) 10 cm
(c) 1 cm
(d) 0.1 cm

5. Two parallel shafts whose axes are separated by a distance of 75 mm are to be connected by a spur gear set so that the output shaft rotates at 50% of the speed of the input shaft. Which of the following could be the possible pitch circle diameters of the gears.
(a) 25 mm and 50 mm
(b) 30 mm and 60 mm
(c) 50 mm and 100 mm
(d) 60 mm and 120 mm

6. The decisions made by the top level management which affect the entire organization are ………. decisions.
(a) Programmed (d) Routine
(c) Certainty (d) Non-programmed

7. The short-term goals of supervisory level managers are called ….goals.
(a) Operational (b) Tactical
(c) Strategic (d) Programme

8. Productivity is given by
(a) Input/Output (b) Output/Input
(c) Efficiency/Effectiveness (d) Effectiveness x Efficiency

9. The chronological sequence of required actions is called a
(a) Rule (b) Programme
(c) Procedure (d) Premise

10. Theory X and Theory Y were developed by
(a) Abraham Maslow (b) Peter Drucker
(c) Elton Mayo (d) Douglas McGregor

11. Which of the following types of gauge has gauging sections combined on one end?
(a) Combination gauge (b) Limit gauge
(c) Go and NoGo gauge (d) Progressive gauge

12. Constant measuring pressure in micrometer screw gauges is ensured by
(a) Locknut (b) Barrel and thimble
(c) Rachet (d) Spanner

13. It is desirable to handle the slip gauges with a cloth or chamois leather in order to
(a) Avoid injury to hands
(b) Protect the surfaces of slip gauges
(c) Insulate them from the heat of the hand
(d) Ensure that the varnish applied on gauges does not come out.

14. Ederi Rolt comparator is a popular instrument for the
(a) Calibration of slip gauges
(b) Absolute measurement of length of slip gauges
(c) Measurement of flatness
(d) Measurement of angles

15. Money required for the purchase of stores, payment of wages etc. is known as
(a) Block Capital (b) Reserved Capital
(c) Authorized Capital (d) Working Capital

16. In A-B-C control policy, maximum attention is given to
(a) Those items which consume money
(b) Those items which are not readily available
(c) Those items which consume more money
(d) Those items which are in more demand

17. Emergency rush order can be pushed more effectively in
(a) Job production (b) Automatic production
(c) Continuous production (d) Intermittent production

18. Work study is concerned with
(a) Improving present method and finding standard time
(b) Motivation of workers
(c) Improving production capability
(d) Improving production planning and control

19. Work study comprises which of the following main techniques?
(a) Method study and work measurement
(b) Method study and time study
(c) Time study and work measurement
(d) Method study and job evaluation

20. Gear finishing operation is called
(a) Shaping (b) Milling
(c) Hobbing (d) Varnishing

21. Which of the following processes is used for preparing parts having large curved surfaces and thin sections?
(a) Hot machining (b) Ultrasonic machining
(c) ECM process (d) Chemical milling

22. Thread grinding requires work speed from
(a) 1 to 3 m/min (b) 5 to 10 m/min
(c) 10 to 14 m/min (d) 14 to 20 m/min

23. The process of removing surface roughness, tool marks and other minor defects from the previous operations is called
(a) Lapping (b) Honing
(c) Broaching (d) Reaming

24. …… system is not an ‘island of automation’.
(a) Computer Numerical Control (b) Robotic
(c) Automated storage/ Retrival (d) Flexible Manufacturing

25. The equipment that measures surface roughness is
(a) Profile projector (b) Laser interferometer
(c) Profile gauge (d) Profilometer

1. Study of fossils is called
(a) Herpetology
(b) Cytology
(c) Palaeontology
(d) Organic Evolution

2. Which one of these is not an insect
(a) Bug
(b) Fly
(c) Mosquito
(d) Spider

3. The malaria is thought to be cured by taking medicines but after a short period it again occurs. This takes place due to
(a) Merozoites
(b) Cryptomerozoites
(c) Schizont
(d) Trophozoite

4. Which of the sponges, is given as a gift in Japan
(a) Hyalonema
(b) Euplectella
(c) Tethya
(d) Leucosolenia

5. Favorite food of Hydra is
(a) Water flea
(b) Bacteria
(c) Finger lings
(d) Nematode larvae

6. Fasciola was discovered by
(a) Thomas
(b) Gabucinus
(c) Jehan de Brie
(d) Linnaeus

7. Ascaris protects itself by
(a) Cuticle
(b) Antienzyme
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None of these

8. Cockroach mainly excretes
(a) Urea
(b) Uric Acid
(d) Ammonia
(d) None of these

9. The silk industry is known as
(a) Pisciculture
(b) Sericulture
(c) Apiculture
(d) Horticulutre

10. Yellow fever is transmitted by
(a) Culex
(b) Aedes
(c) House fly
(d) Anopheles
Ans. 1 (c) 2(d) 3(a) 4 (b) 5 (a) 6(c) 7(c) 8(b) 9(b) 10. (b)

Chemical Engineering
1. Chloroform is slowly oxidized by air to
(a) Formly Chloride
(b) Carbonyl Chloride
(c) Trichloroacetic Acid
(d) Formic Acid

2. Fog is an example of colloidal system of
(a) Solid dispersed in gas
(b) Solid dispersed in liquid
(c) Liquid dispersed in gas
(d) Gas dispersed in liquid

3. Which temperature scale is an absolute scale, where the zero point is the lowest possible
(a) Kelvin
(c) Fahrenheit
(d) Centigrade

4. Sudden fall of atmospheric pressure by a large amount is an indication of the
(a) Rain
(b) Cold wave
(c) Storm
(d) Fair weather

5. The nuclear change takes place, which is ture
(a) Energy is destroyed
(b) Energy is released
(c) Energy is changed
(d) None of these

6. Wrought iron is never shaped by
(a) casting
(b) Cold working
(c) Forging
(d) Welding

7. The bioreactor which is most commonly used in industry is the
(a) Batch Fermenter
(b) Fed batch fermenter
(c) Contnous Fermenter
(d) Batch continous fermenter

8. Titanium alloys are welded using the following process
(a) TIG welding
(b) Submerged arc welding
(c) Butt welding
(d) Electron beam welding

9. Ammonium molybdate test is used to detect the presence of
(a) Borate
(b) Phosphate
(c) Chloride
(d) Bromide

10. Maximum amount of thermal radiation is emitted at all wavelengths at any specified tempearture by a/an ____body.
(a) Grey
(b) Black
(c) Opaque
(d) White

Ans- 1 (b) 2(c) 3(a) 4(c) 5(b) 6(a) 7(b) 8 (a) 9 (b) 10 (a)

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