MBA Psychometric Test

MBA Psychometric Test

What is Psychometric testing for MBA Aspirants?
Psychometric exams are scientific and standardized paths, of measuring an aspect of human performance or behavior. These tests will be evaluating you on the dimensions of your behavior, in relationship to your motivation and personal qualities. The profiles generated on the base of these exams seek to achieve different aims that will assist you at different phases, during your journey to an admission in B-school of your selection.

What steps does it involve?
The steps involved are as follows:
Step 1: Assessment – undergoing the tests. The evaluation lasts for an hour.
Step 2: Getting a date for the counseling (same day as the assessment).
Step 3: Counseling

It adds a session with a Professional Counselors
The Counseling session supported on the Profile generated after analyzing your exam results.
The counseling will be supported on two Profiles generated on the base of your test results. Profile one is titled as “Self Awareness Enhancer” & Profile two is titled as “Get the GD & PI Perspective”.
Discussing will be scheduled three days after the Assessment.

What does it test you on?
These tests will be evaluating you on the dimensions of your behavior, in relation to your motive and personal qualities. Personal qualities are tested as it imparts information on the qualities that you possess & whether it is a benefit or disadvantage to you while you come along for your personal interviews & conferences.

What is the objective of the “Self Awareness Enhancer”?
Discovering, understanding and analyzing your qualities and strengths.
Understanding your drive in relation to your motivations.
Identifying fields of growth and offering pointers for betterment and enhancement.
Introspective exercises to assist you gain clarity on helping you fill up your B- school forms.

Specific benefit of this profile is:
Offers self-knowledge useful in filling B-Schools Forms effectively

What is the Objective of “Get the GD & PI Perspective”?
Input on areas you need to focus on, to tactfully handle your GDs and PIs.
Capitalizing on your strengths for ineffective achievement during your GDs and PIs.
Offering key pointers for betterment and enhancement during these phases.

Specific benefit of this profile is:
It gives understanding on your qualities & focus areas of work in GD & PI, which in turn helps you to enhance your performance

How do I register myself for the Program?
Contact the Counsellors at your nearest IMS Center. Register at least one day prior to the enrollment.

List of Centers offering the Program

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