Question : Give me some FAQs for the GMAT examination?

Given below are the FAQs for GMAT:

Q: How do I schedule an appointment to take the GMAT exam?
Q: Where can I take the GMAT exam?
Q: How much does it cost to take the GMAT exam?
Q: What are the test dates for the GMAT exam?
Q: What does the GMAT exam measure?
Q: How can I prepare to take the GMAT exam?
Q: How do I get GMATPrep® test preparation software?
Q: How do I schedule an appointment to take the GMAT exam?
Q: What if I need to reschedule my exam?
Q: What if I need to cancel my exam appointment?

For more questions here is attachment:


GMAT Examination

Please provide me the GMAT Examination question paper?

You are looking for the GMAT Examination question paper here I am uploading a file, from where you can download the GMAT Examination question paper, some questions are as follows:

Solve these problems and indicate the best of the answer choices given. All
numbers used are real numbers.

1. If a = 3 and b = -2, what is the value of a2 + 3ab – b2?
A. 5
B. -13
C. -4
D. -20
E. 13

2. 34 is what percent of 80?
A. 34%
B. 40%
C. 42.5%
D. 44.5%
E. 52%

3. Jack and Kevin play in a basketball game. If the ratio of points scored by
Jack to points scored by Kevin is 4 to 3, which of the following could NOT be the
total number of points scored by the two boys?
A. 7
B. 14
C. 16
D. 28
E. 35

4. Factor the following expression: x2 + x – 12
A. (x – 4) (x + 4)
B. (x – 2) (x + 6)
C. (x + 6) (x – 2)
D. (x – 4) (x + 3)
E. (x + 4) (x – 3)

GMAT exam papers

GMAT Exam Syllabus

Give me GMAT Exam Syllabus.

You want GMAT Exam Syllabus I have it and here it is:

An introduction to GMAT.
Handing over Princeton Review Book and Package
DVD from the course book and a insight into the logic of GMAT.
Introducing the idea of the skills to be developed
An outline and brief description o each the Verbal sections
Answering questions general fro the student.
Introduction to memory improvement techniques

If you want complete syllabus then you have to download attached pdf file which is free for you.

GMAT Exam Syllabus

GMAT Exam Schedule

Question : Please provide me GMAT Exam Schedule?

You are looking for the GMAT Exam Schedule, I am providing a link from where you can get the GMAT Exam Schedule after fix appointment, for fix appointment first of all you’ll have to login.
The link is:

After going on above link, then click on Schedule a GMAT appointment.
Then on next page fill all required info & then click on next.

GMAT Exam Preparation

Give me some tips for preparation of GMAT exam.

I am sharing with you some tips for preparation of GMAT Exam:

Spend adequate time on the first 5 questions
Prepare yourself to finish the test – at all costs!
Don’t waste time
Read the Questions Carefully
Avoid Random Guessing
Eliminate the Deliberately Deceptive Wrong Choices
Practice, Practice, Practice
Don’t Wait Too Long to Take the GMAT
Prepare by Old question Paper
Make schedule for Study

GMAT Exam Pattern

Please tell me about the GMAT Exam Pattern…

As per you requirement here I am attaching a document file from where you can collect detailed information about the GMAT Exam Pattern. This is the content of the attachment:

Analysis of an issue
Analysis of an argument
Problem Solving
Data Sufficiency
Reading Comprehension
Critical reasoning
Sentence Correction

You can download the attachment from here after doing registration this is absolutely free for you…

GMAT Exam Pattern

GMAT Exam Papers

GMAT Exam Papers online diagnostic tool for prospective students identifies quantitative strengths and abilities using real GMAT questions and a computer-adaptive process that mimics the GMAT exam. This free GMAT practice test can help by giving you a sense of where you stand with the GMAT. The questions on the CAT do not all count the same toward a student’s score; a correct answer on one question may raise the score much more than a correct answer on another question. As the name suggests, this section contains questions on mathematics. This section begins after an optional (in my opinion,recommended) 10-minute break.

GMAT Exam Fees

Question: Please provide me the GMAT exam fees?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is conducted by Graduate Admission Management Council (GAMC), The candidates can get admitted in various PG courses management in different foreign institutes after clearing GMAT.

At the present the GMAT test fees is 225 US dollars.

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