The Candidates desirous of accepting ATMA should first collect ATMA Exam application kits, which will be available from different ATMA office. The application kit will also be available from the Office of ATMA and the under mentioned Institute in Pune.

Number of Questions: 200
Number of Sections: 3
Time per section: 1 Hour
Marks per question: 1
Duration of the exam: 3Hours
Negative Marking: 1/3

ATMA Entrance Test

Question: Give me syllabus of ATMA Entrance Exam.

Answer: You want ATMA Entrance exam syllabus so here is its syllabus:

Analytical Reasoning
The students should have logical thinking ability as well as must be able to analyze the situation given in the question, to give the right answer.

Quantitative Skills
Questions are asked to examine the candidate’s ability to
Think quantitatively,
Solve quantitative problems,
Data sufficiency
Basic knowledge of Arithmetic,
Algebra and Geometry.

In order to prepare for verbal skills, the student has to be proficient in English Language, that is, should be thorough with reading
Sentence correction,
Sentence completion

ATMA Entrance Exam Date

Important Dates
December 14, 2009 – Sale of ATMA application kits starts
March 08, 2010 (Monday) -Date of Results
January 31, 2010 – Last date for Online Registration
February 14, 2010 – Written Test (Pencil and Paper)
January 29, 2010 – Last date for Sale of ATMA application kits

ATMA Entrance Exam

Question : Please give me detailed information about the ATMA Entrance Exam…


Here I am attaching a document file form where you can collect detailed information about the ATMA Entrance Exam. Form this attachment you will collect information about the Structure, Eligibility Criteria, How to Apply, Important Dates, List of ATMA centers, Contact Address for ATMA, Colleges Accepting the ATMA Score, Coaching Centers for ATMA, Study Plan, How and Where To Get the Results, Score Validity and other details. download the attachment form here and use it purposefully….

ATMA Entrance Exam

ATMA Entrance

Question : Please provide me the ATMA entrance exam syllabus?

You are looking for the ATMA entrance exam syllabus, here I am giving:

ATMA entrance exam Syllabus:

a) Analytical Skills

The problems on Analytical Skills calculate the logical thinking abilities . Every question on analytical skills require specific set of mind and approach so you should open your mind and take every question as a new CHALLENGE. No specialized knowledge of any particular field is required, and neither the knowledge of terminology and conventions of formal logic is pre-assumed. Practice is all that is required!!

b) Quantitative Skills

Following topics come into quantitative skills – Number system, average, alligations,percentages, profit and loss, interest, ratio and proportion variations, time and work, time speed and distance, geometry, mensuration, functions, set theory, permutation and combination, probability, progression, inequalities, coordinate geometry, quadratic equation, logarithm.

c) Verbal Section

The following topics come under verbal skills-
Reading comprehension, vocabulary, synonyms, antynonyms, odd man out , analogies, sentence completion , paragraph jumble,sentence correction, critical reasoning, syllogism. Logical deductions.
d) Data Interpretetion and Sufficeient
Data interpretation, tables, bar charts, x- y charts, bar charts, cases and data sufficiency questions.

ATMA Eligibility

What eligibility require to apply for ATMA exam?


There are following eligibility should have to apply of ATMA Exam:

Candidate must citizen of India

Candidates should have degree of Bachelor’s or its equivalent with any stream, from any University recognized by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Candidates, who are appearing in final year of exam or have appeared for the examination, are also eligible for ATMA exam.

ATMA Delhi

Question : I live in Delhi & want to take part in ATMA entrance exam, so will you please give me the ATMA entrance exam dates?

The AIMS Test for Management Admissions (ATMA) is the MBA entrance exam which is conducted by Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS).

You are looking for the ATMA entrance exam dates for 2013, I am giving here:

The Paper Based Test:-

The online Tests (Tentative) dates:
Last week of Apr to mast week of June 2013

Last week of July to mid Aug 2013

ATMA Definition

Question Give me paper pattern and ATMA Exam.

Answer ATMA is stands for AIMS Test For Management Admissions. It is a management entrance exam. it is approved by AICTE.

Here is ATMA Paper Pattern:


You will find below 100 Questions as samples to acquaint yourself with the nature of the AIMS Test for Management Admissions (ATMA). These questions are drawn from different sources including previous tests held since February 2000. ATMA contains 170 Questions spread over Six Questions – Analytical Reasoning Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Verbal Skills. Each section is timed separately – 30 minutes each. Total time for the test is 3 hours. Please refer to Para 6.1 in this Bulletin once again for details.

For see complete paper pattern you are free to download attatched pdf file which is free for you.

ATMA Paper Pattern

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