GMAT Sample Questions

The GMAT sample questions are in a standardized test that is split into three sections, namely Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing Assessment. GMAT sample Questions and answers in your inbox is a free service offered by 4GMAT. In the GMAT Quantitative section, you have to answer multiple choice problem solving and data sufficiency type questions. In the GMAT Verbal section, you have sample Critical Reasoning questions, sample Sentence Correction questions and sample Reading Comprehension questions.

GMAT Sample Papers

Question : Give me General Mental Ability Test Sample Paper.

Answer : You want General Mental Ability Test Sample Paper so here it is:

1. i) A 2 B means A is a mother of B.
ii) A 4 B means A is the brother of B.
iii) A 5 B means A is the daughter of B.
iv) A 9 B means A is the husband of B.

Which of the following expression shows the relation that ‘K’ is Mother−in−Law of ‘M’ ?
1) M 9 N 2 K 4 I 2) M 9 N 5 K 2 J
3) K 5 J 9 M 2 N 4) K 2 J 9 N 4 M

Complete syllabus is available in pdf file which I am uploading and you are free to download.

GMAT Sample Paper


Question : Will you please give me some GMAT review for the GMAT good preparation?

You are looking for the GMAT REVIEW, I am suggesting you to that starts study of the all GMAT syllabus, & also solve the previous GMAT question paper its more help you to good preparation of the GMAT.

If you need more info then let me know I’ll definitely help you.

GMAT Results

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is a standardized test designed to assess skills relevant to graduate studies in business and management. Most schools require submission of GMAT scores with applications to their graduate business programs. After you complete the Graduate Management Admissions Test, you will be allowed to view your Verbal, Quantitative, and total scores. For your complete and official GMAT results, however, you will have to wait for a time. When you register for the GMAT, you will select how you would like to obtain your official score report. The official score report will include the Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing Assessment, and total scores from any GMAT tests taken over the past five years.

GMAT Resources

The GMAT is a standardized test designed to test your ability to succeed in an MBA program. It is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council. The GMAT can be an intimidating test. Hopefully, this website can help you prepare for the exam. In addition to this site, there are a lot of other useful online resources, some of which are the official organization that offers the GMAT; The Graduate Management Admission Council is a leading advocate and resource for quality graduate schools of business worldwide. There are thousands of GMAT resources you can find online. But all of them may not be up to the mark. Some of them might even be misleading! I have added a few resources that I feel are best for a GMAT test-taker and many of them are free download.

GMAT Requirements


Give me eligibility to apply for GMAT Exam.


There is no age limit in GMAT exam. Candidate must have graduation degree in any discipline. The marks which are scored in GMAT are valid for 5 years.

Fee: Worldwide GMAT fee is $250 US.

Preferred mode of payments is as follows:
Credit Card like Visa, Master Card, American Express, and JCB
Debit Card Visa and Master Card only.
Mailed forms by cashier’s check.
Mailed forms by Money Orders.
Mailed forms by Personal Check.

GMAT Registration Website

Question: Give me link of website where I can register for GMAT exam?

Answer: You are looking for website link for GMAT registration so its website is

By click on this link you will redirect to webpage where you can online register by choose right options from several available.

GMAT Registration Singapore

Question: Tell me about the GMAT Registration in Singapore…


If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment to take the graduate management exam, you are required to register for an account. Here I have mentioned a link form where you can collect more information about the scheduling of the examination. This link will prove very useful to you. If you need more help related to this topic then feel free to ask here….

GMAT Registration Promotion Code

GMAT in a nutshell overview by Manhattan GMAT- good review of the test Get all of your questions answered by talking to the admissions department today. $200 discount on all 9-week GMAT prep courses beginning between November 5th and December 31st, 2009. Codes for gre lsat mcat gmat Enter the Online Coupon Code in the ‘Promotion the coupon code then enter the code Manhattan GMAT Prep; Test Masters. The GMAT codes for the Wharton MBA Program for Executives are G56-97-36 for happens that may affect our evaluation such as a promotion or a new GMAT score.

GMAT Registration Number

Question : Please give me the GMAT Registration Number?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is conducted by Graduate Admission Management Council (GAMC), The candidates can get admitted in various Post Graduate Management Courses in different foreign institutes after clearing GMAT.
The admission to most of all best business schools is conducted through GMAT.

You are looking for the GMAT Registration Number, I am giving here:

For registration for the GMAT exam you can call at the Regional Registration Center at New Delhi on the following number:

This calling facility is available between Indian Standard time 9.00 am and 6.00 pm.

Your test date will be conformed during the call for registration.

Given below is the contact address of the regional registration center:

160 – A, Senior Plaza, 3rd floor,
Gautam Nagar
Yusuf Sarai
Behind Indian oil Building
New Delhi – 110049

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