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Give me PO recruitment exam question paper of Allahabad Bank?


You want Allahabad Bank PO recruitment exam question paper so here is its question paper:

1. Match the following Nobel lectures of 2010 with their field of contribution.


I. Robert G. Edwards

II. Mario Varges Llosa

III. Peter A. Diamond

IV. Liu Xiaobo

V. Richard F. Heck


(p) Economics

(q) Chemistry

(r) Medicine

(s) Literature

(t) Peace

(A) I-r, II-s, II-p, IV-t, V-q

(B) I-q, II-r, III-s, IV-r, V-t

(C) I-p, II-q, III-t, IV-r, V-p

(D) I-s, II-q, III-t, IV-r, V-p

(E) I-t, II-r, III-q, IV-r, V-s

Complete question paper is given in attached file.
Allahabad Bank PO Recruitment Question Paper

Allahabad Bank
Head Office
2, N. S. ROAD
Kolkata- 700 001
Phone. : (033) 2231 9144
Fax No. : (033) 2210 7425

VMOU result

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VMOU result 2008
Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University was established on 23 July 1987. It became the part of the Open University Network for India. Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University (VMOU), at one time known as Kota Open University, is renamed by publish notification by Government of Rajasthan on 21st September 2002

Courses offered
Political Science
Library Science
Information & Computer Science
For more information for Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University result please go on its official website Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University

Contact Details
Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University
Rawat Bhata Road, Akhelgarh,
Kota-324010, Rajasthan, India
Pin : 324010

NIIT University

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NIIT University
Mission of NIIT University is to further research, discovery and property, to deliver distinctive education by the opening up use of technology & to formulate talent for sustainable growth of Industry and society. The NIIT University, a not-for-profit institution, is supported by NIIT Limited. It is an acknowledged institution in instructing content growth and the application of IT to enhance learning. The NIIT University is prepared with state-of-the-art technology-changed teaching and a strong research-centered curriculum, some of which originated in NIIT’s attention lab viz. Centre for Research in Cognitive Systems (CRCS) on IIT Delhi campus.

Offered courses
BTech Programs
Computer Science & Engineering
Information & Communication Technology
MTech Programs
Bio Informatics
PhD Programs
PhD Program Overview
Educational Technology
Computer Science & Engineering
Educational Technology
Pervasive Systems
Embedded Systems

University Campus: NIIT University
NH-8 Delhi-Jaipur Highway
District Alwar
Rajasthan – 301 705

NCMRWF Recruitment

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NCMRWF Recruitment
NCMRWF stands for The National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting is the premier institution in India to offer Medium Range Weather Forecasts by settled methods and to furnish Agro Advisory Services (AAS) to the farmers. The centre extends challenging research chances in Numerical Weather Prediction, Diagnostic studies, Crop Weather Modeling and Computer Science.

For more information about NCMRWF Recruitment please visit at the official website because more details about NCMRWF Recruitment is available at the official website so candidates please visit at the official website.

The Head,
Ministry Of Earth Sciences
A-50, Institutional Area, Phase-II
Sector-62, NOIDA, UP, Pin: 201 307
Phone: 91-120-2403900-07
Fax: 91-120-2400062, 2403611

Diploma in Domestic Violence

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Diploma in Domestic Violence

This course can alter their promotion views, better service sensitivity and efficiency in how candidates manage and deliver candidates services and improve inters professional communication with individuals of intentional and unintentional violence. Violence such as domestic violence, rape, torture, and child abuse and road traffic deaths causes big human cost to individuals, families and society. The progressive recognition, both nationally and internationally, of the extent of this intentional and unintentional violence, makes this a necessity course for people working with survivors and their communities.
This course is perfect for anyone working with any victim of abuse, and also to help with the abusers issues. This course is also eligible for all types of professionals and newcomers interested in learning more about Domestic Violence.

Offered course
Diploma in Domestic Violence

This Course Covers
Women and Children who are most in danger
Feminist Views on Child Abuse
Battered Woman and Suicide
Many Lessons from Battered Women
Challenges for some kind of Prevention
Preventing Murder
Personal Power and Victimization
Clinical Violence Interventions

Telephone No: 0121 680 0141
Mobile No: 07796658169

Kinesiology Correspondence Courses

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Kinesiology Correspondence Courses

Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which mixes simple muscle testing and energy reconciliation with the principles of Chinese Medicine to access body purpose and inner energy. It purposes gentle, yet powerful, healing techniques to modify health and increase vitality. It is especially useful to overcome all sorts of allergic reaction problems and also very powerful treating anxiety, backache, depression, insomnia and skin problems.

Subjects included in the Course:
Muscle Testing
Polarity Switching
Triad of Health
Emotional Factors
Treatment Sources
Stress Release Points
Balance & Imbalance
Acupuncture Connection
Massage for Muscles
Acupressure Holding
Nutritional Balancing
Psychological Reversal
Allergy Balancing
Assessment Methods
The Five Elements
Subtle Body Energy
Muscle Performance
Cross Crawl Techniques

The School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS Ltd)
Tel: 0871 717 4287
Fax: 0871 717 4287

Correspondence Law from Delhi University

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Question: Tell me about Correspondence Law Courses which offer Delhi University.

Answer: You want to know about Correspondence Law Courses offer Delhi University but university don’t offer any law course through distance learning mode. They offer following courses through distance learning mode:

MA (Pol Sc.) Semester New
M.A. Hindi
B.A.(Hons) ENG (NEW)
B.A.(Hons.) PS(New)

If you want information about any of these courses then I can provide you.

The University of Delhi

Distance Learning Surveying Courses

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Distance Learning Surveying Courses

Premier School of Building is a correspondence school founded in 1999 extending single subject short courses by distance learning for most managerial situations within the construction industry. This course is planned as an introduction for students who have a running knowledge of the developed environment, with experience on site and a good application of maths. Students should have a ‘mentor ‘to supervise their work particularly concerning use of the equipment etc.

The course reading consists of lesson material and an excellent text book with twelve lessons as follows:

Lesson Content
Chain Surveying
Field Notes and Plotting
Gravitational Leveling I
Gravitational Leveling II
Methods of Measurement Areas
Measuring up Existing Buildings
Use of Theodolite
Theodolite Surveying
Dichromatic Surveying
Setting out Construction Works

On play of the course the student should be competent at handling the various surveying equipment, taking stages on site, lining out, traversing and undertaking universal setting out and will obtain a Premier School of Building Certificate of Completion. The course may commence at any time and should be accomplished within 3 months trusting upon the students past knowledge of the subject.

Premier School of Building.
Westminster Chambers
7 Hunter Street
Ch1 2hr
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1244 311609


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Give me PhD research topics list of CDFD.


Following is PhD research topics list of CDFD:

Bacterial Genetics
Cancer Biology
Cell Cycle Regulation
Cell Death & Cell Survival
Cell Signalling
Computational Biology
Computational & Functional Genomics
Drosophila Neural Development
Fungal pathogenesis
Genomics & Profiling Applications
Mammalian Genetics
Molecular Cell Biology
Molecular Genetics
Molecular Oncology
Plant Microbe Interactions
Structural Biology

MBA Osmania University Time Table

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MBA Osmania University Time Table

Osmania University is also recognized as OU in low is a public university located in the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India. This is one of the most previous new universities in India. It was the first Indian University to have Urdu language as medium of education. Osmania University is one of the biggest university systems in the subcontinent. This university was founded in 1918.

Offered course

Candidates should have passed any graduate degree for any recognized university with good percentage.

Admission in MBA is based on entrance test, personal interview & GD with rules of this university.

Time Table
For more information about MBA Osmania University Time Table please visit at the official website because more details about MBA Osmania University Time Table is available at the official website so candidates please visit at the official website.

Osmania University
Andhra Pradesh,

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