Academy of Management Studies Trivandrum

Question: Provide me MBA course syllabus of Academy of Management Studies Trivandrum?

Ans: As you are asking for MBA syllabus so here I am providing you MBA course syllabus of Academy of Management Studies Trivandrum:

First Year
Paper-1 – Management Principles
Paper-2 – Quantitative Methods in Business
Paper-3 – Organizational Behaviour
Paper-4 – Management Accounting
Paper-5 – Managerial Economics
Paper-6 – Legal Systems in Business
Paper-7 – Research Methodology and Communication
Paper -8 –Applied Operations Research
Paper-9 – Human Resources Management
Paper-10- Marketing Management

Second Year
Paper-11- Production & Materials Management
Paper-12- Financial Management
Paper-13- Computer Languages for Management
Paper-14- Business Policy and Strategic Management
Paper-15- Management Information Systems and Electronic Data Processing (EDP)
Paper-16- International Marketing
Paper-17-20- Elective Subjects

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