Agrawal P. G. College Bachelors of Commerce

Tell me from where can I get B.Com course syllabus of Agrawal P. G. College.

Agrawal P. G. College offer B.Com course which is affiliated by Lucknow University and following is its syllabus:

Unit –I Definition Nature and scope of economics, Marshall & Robins Views. Utility of Economics, Micro vs. Macromedia of Economics study, Economic Theory and Business Decisions.

Unit –II Utility Analysis, Consumer Behaviour, Consumer’s equilibrium. Traditional approach and Indifference curve and Analysis: price income and substitution effects. Some application of indifference Curve Techniques, Elasticity of demand.

For complete syllabus you can free download attached pdf file.

Agrawal P. G. College Bachelors of Commerce Syllabus

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