Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic Advertising

Give me advertising course content offered by Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic.


Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic offer advertising course and following is its course content:

Image Manipulation, Sources of information
Gender Bias, Language/ culture / Region
Copy writing – innovative approaches
Objectives / How to obtain them
Business Communication
Diversity of Indian Culture
Obstacles in communication
Type of information
Advertising Agencies
Media and Culture (Modern and traditional)
Reflection of Social / Cultural beliefs
Exploitation, Motivation / Persuasion.
Tools of communication, Use of Computers
Modern Advertising
Client servicing and Relation
Manipulation of Roles / Role Models
How to launch an advertising campaign
Role of Women in Advertising
Types of Copy/ Appeal
Verbal / Non- Verbal / Oral / written.
History of Indian Advertising
Copy Writing
Effectiveness of Communication
Indian Culture post Independence
Service Advertising
Cultural Identity / Roots of Indian People
Effective copy writing
Product Advertising
Role of creativity
Sexist Depiction
Socio-Economic Scenario its impact on Music and Craft) advertising
Indian cultural Heritage (Dance, Drama)
Origin of Advertising
What is communication?

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Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic
Acharya Sushil Ashram,
Shankar Road
New Delhi – 110 060
Telephone: 28744790, 28743681, 55420681

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