Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic Journalism

Question: Give me the Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic Journalism course syllabus?

The Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic College was established under the auspices of Ahimsa Shiksha Sansthan.
The Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic College is Accredited Institute of NIOS (Ministry of HRD, Government of India).


Paper I Mass Communication (Theory and Practice)
Print Media, Radio- Sense of Sound, Audio- Visual – T.V., Films
Traditional Media: Puppetry, Folkdance, Folklore, Community Singing, Rural Theatre
Outdoor Media
Organizational Set up
National Objectives
Democracy & Development
Information Strategy
Freedom of the press

For the detailed syllabus, here is attachment:

AWP Journalism Syllabus

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