Allahabad bank Po recruitment

Give me PO recruitment exam question paper of Allahabad Bank?


You want Allahabad Bank PO recruitment exam question paper so here is its question paper:

1. Match the following Nobel lectures of 2010 with their field of contribution.


I. Robert G. Edwards

II. Mario Varges Llosa

III. Peter A. Diamond

IV. Liu Xiaobo

V. Richard F. Heck


(p) Economics

(q) Chemistry

(r) Medicine

(s) Literature

(t) Peace

(A) I-r, II-s, II-p, IV-t, V-q

(B) I-q, II-r, III-s, IV-r, V-t

(C) I-p, II-q, III-t, IV-r, V-p

(D) I-s, II-q, III-t, IV-r, V-p

(E) I-t, II-r, III-q, IV-r, V-s

Complete question paper is given in attached file.
Allahabad Bank PO Recruitment Question Paper

Allahabad Bank
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Kolkata- 700 001
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