Amity School of Distance Learning BCA Bachelor of Computer Application

Provide me course structure of Bachelor of Computer Application in Amity School of Distance Learning.


Amity School of Distance Learning offers various courses in Business Management, computer applications in distance learning mode & is affliated to Amity University.

Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA)is 3 Years degree course.

Semester- I

BCADL 10101 Mathematics
BCADL 10102 Introduction to IT
BCADL 10103 C Programming
BCADL 10104 Principles & Practices of Management
BCADL10120 C Programming Lab

Semester – II
• BCADL 10201 Data & File Structures Using C.
• BCADL 10202 Computer Organization
• BCADL 10203 Discrete Mathematics
• BCADL10204 Accounting for Managers
• BCADL10220 Data Structures Lab

Second Year
Semester- III

BCADL 20301 Computer Networks.
BCADL 20302 Object Oriented Programming Concepts Using C++.
BCADL 20303 Data Base Management Systems
BCADL 20304 Operating Systems
BCADL20320 C++ & DBMS Lab
BCADL 20370 Minor Project

Semester- IV

BCADL 20401 Software Engineering
BCADL 20402 Computer Graphics
BCADL20403 Programming in Visual Basic
BCADL 20404 Object Oriented Design using UML
BCADL 20420 Computer Graphics & Visual Basic Lab

Third Year

Semester – V

BCADL 30501 Java Programming
BCADL 30502 E Commerce
BCADL 30503 Wireless Communication & Network Security
BCADL 30504 Data Warehousing & Mining
BCAPL 30520 Java & Unix Programming Lab

Semester – VI
BCADL 30601 Multimedia & its Applications
BCADL 30602 Web Technologies
BCADL 30670 Major Project Work

Contact Details
Amity School of Distance Learning
Amity Campus, Sector-44
Nodia Uttar Pradesh
Phone-No: 0120-5391111
Fax: 0120-2432875

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