Anna University Model Question for Environmental Science Engineering

Anna University Model Question for Environmental Science Engineering 2011
Anna University of Technology Tiruchirappalli, Tiruchirappalli (sometime Anna University Tiruchirappalli) has been founded as a Technical University by the Government of Tamilnadu. Anna University Model Question for Environmental Science Engineering 2011 examination is also available on that university official website and any book shop.

Some of the questions are as under
1. What are the different components of eco system?
2. List the different Biogeo chemical cycles in the environment.

3. List the different natural and man made impacts on the environment.

4. Define policy cycle.


Differentiate between trickling filter process and activated sludge process.

6. What are the issues addressed by Montreal Protocol and Kyoto Protocol?

7. List out the factors on which the amount of waste generation depends.

8. What are the different modules of green chemistry expert system (GCES)?

9. Define the polluter pays principle.

10. Give a very important, current environmental issue, which creates a major problems to the environment.

PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)

11. Explain the concept of “Sustainable Development”.

12.a) What are the components of the environment? Explain their inter – relationship.


12.b) What are the causes and effects of air, water and land pollution? Enumerate a few remedial measures.

13.a) Define sewage and explain the municipal sewage treatment process.


13.b) i) Explain the importance of protecting Biodiversity.
ii) Explain different methods of air pollution control.

14.a) Write detailed note on waste minimization.


14.b) Explain the concept of clean technology, Eco- mark and Green chemistry?

15.a) Explain in Detail the Role of non-government organizations on the environment.


15.b) Explain in detail the process of EIA.

Those candidates who were applied them for Environmental Science Engineering 2011 examination they are also getting all about information examination and their Model question paper information online on University official website. You can also note the examination dates, admit card and any more information online on Anna University official website.

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