Annauniv Msc IT New Syllabus

Annauniv Msc IT New Syllabus
It University was founded on 4th September 1978 as a unitary type of University. Those candidates was interested to join that Annauniv they are also getting all about information Annauniv Msc It New Syllabus 2011 various programs on that University official website. Located in the southern region of the city of Madras (Chennai), the University’s primary campus extends over 100 hectares abutting the Adyar River on the north and Raj Bhavan on the south.

Syllabus consists of the following subject
MC134 Programming in C
MC135 Computer Architecture
MC144 Data Structures
MC146 Object Oriented Programming and C++
XT111 Discrete Structures
MC143 Data Base Management Systems
MC236 Visual
XC306 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
XT302 Information and Coding Techniques
XC216 RDBMS Laboratory
MC235 Computer Networks
XT312 Java Programming
MC034 Cryptography and Data Security
XC316 Networks Laboratory
XT314 Java Programming Laboratory
EC047 Cellular Mobile Communication
EC048 Satellite Communication and Broadcasting
BT037 Bioinformatics
XC006 Pattern Recognition
XC007 Distributed Computing
XC008 Data Mining and Warehousing
XC011 Modeling and Simulation
XT001 Fault Tolerant Systems
XT002 Software Metrics
XT003 Multimedia Database System
XT004 Soft Computing
XT005 Advanced Java Programming

Anna University has offers higher education in Engineering, Technology and allied Sciences relevant to the presents and designed needs of the society. It after established besides encouraging research and disseminating knowledge gained therefore, it furthers cooperation between the academic and industrial communities. It was organized by bringing together and integrating two well-known technical introductions in the city of Madras.

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