Anthropology courses UC Berkeley

Will you please provide me list of courses offered details for the University of California, Berkeley   Answer : University of California, Berkeley is a well known university situated in united states .. it is offered admission in the following Anthropology courses..   Course offered : The Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology The Ph.D. in Anthropology The Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology The Master of Arts in Folklore   Anthropology courses Introduction to Archaeology Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology Reading and Composition in Anthropology Reading and Composition in Anthropology Reading and Composition in Anthropology Reading and Composition in Anthropology Freshman Seminar: Roots of the Computer Age Primate Behavior Violence and Human Rights in War and Peace Violence and Subjectivity American Material Culture Pacific Cultures Japan Intro to Skeletal Biology and Bioarchaelology The Archaeology of Health and Disease Analysis of the Archaeological Record: California Analysis of the Archaeological Record: Southwest Asia The Anthropology of Food Sexuality,Culture, and Colonialism Anthropology of the Environment Utopia: Art and Power in Modern Times Anthropology of Law Forms of Folklore Research Theory and Methods in Social Cultural Anthropology Bio-Power, Bio-Sociality, Bio-Design Postcolonialism, Feminism, and Sexuality   Fall 2013: Graduate Course Title Archeological Research Strategies Special Topics Special Topics: Food Archaeology of Colonialism Social Theory in Archaeology Advanced Topics in Bone Biology Fundamentals of Anthropological Theory Anthropology, Law, and Difference Science and Power Anthropology of the Contemporary Varieties of Communism and Post-Communist Traditions Anthropology of the Future Anthropology of Trauma and History Crowd and Cloud History, Tradition, Myth Traditionalities Graduate Pedagogy Seminar   Concentrations Archaeology Biological Anthropology Masters in Folklore Medical Anthropology Sociocultural Anthropology   Introduction to Archaeology Course Number: 2AC Semester: Fall Year: 2013 Instructor: Jun Sunseri Units: 4   Lecture topics will include 1) implications of archaeology in contemporary society, 2) the history of archaeology, 3) field and dating methods, 4) studies of subsistence, settlement, trade/exchange and mortuary/ceremonial practices 5) generating explanations and interpretations about the past.   Contact details : Anthropology Department – UC Berkeley 232 Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-3710 – Tel:510.642.3392 – Fax:510.643.8557   Mailing Address: Anthropology Department University of California, Berkeley 232 Kroeber Hall Berkeley, CA 94720-3710   Phone Numbers: Main Office: 510.642.3392 Fax: 510.643.8557 Graduate Student Services: 510.642.3406 Undergraduate Student Services: 510.642.3616   Office Hours: Main Office: Monday-Friday: 9-12 and 1-4 Graduate Student Services: M-F: 10-12 and 1:30-4:30  

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