ATMA College List

Which colleges accept ATMA score? Give me list.

Following are list of colleges offer ATMA Score:

Delhi Business School(DBS) Delhi/NCR, India

Hierank Group of Institutions Noida – Delhi/NCR, India

Skyline Business School Delhi/NCR, India

NIILM Centre for Management Studies Delhi/NCR, India

Sri Sharada Institute of Indian Management-Research (SriSIIM) Delhi/NCR, India

SRIRAM Group of Institute Noida – Delhi/NCR, India

Global Business School (GBS) Delhi/NCR, India

Alard Group of Institutes Pune, India

HIT Business School Delhi/NCR, India

Institute of Marketing & Management (IMM) Delhi/NCR, India

Indian Institute of Education and Business Management (IIEBM) Pune, India

Bharati Vidyapeeth University Institute of Management & Research (BVIMR) Delhi/NCR, India

Indian Institute of Finanace (IIF) Delhi/NCR, India

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi Delhi/NCR, India

Regional College of Management (RCM) Bhubaneswar, India

IndraPrastha College of Management and Technology (ICMT) Jodhpur, India

Academy of Management and Technology (INMANTEC) Ghaziabad – Delhi/ NCR, India

Synergy Institute of Management Pune, India

Institute of Management And Carreer Courses (IMCC) Pune, India

Indian Institute of Cost and Management Studies & Research(IndSearch)

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