ATMA Definition

Question Give me paper pattern and ATMA Exam.

Answer ATMA is stands for AIMS Test For Management Admissions. It is a management entrance exam. it is approved by AICTE.

Here is ATMA Paper Pattern:


You will find below 100 Questions as samples to acquaint yourself with the nature of the AIMS Test for Management Admissions (ATMA). These questions are drawn from different sources including previous tests held since February 2000. ATMA contains 170 Questions spread over Six Questions – Analytical Reasoning Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Verbal Skills. Each section is timed separately – 30 minutes each. Total time for the test is 3 hours. Please refer to Para 6.1 in this Bulletin once again for details.

For see complete paper pattern you are free to download attatched pdf file which is free for you.

ATMA Paper Pattern

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