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Question: Will you please give me the ATMA MBA entrance exam syllabus?

You are looking for the ATMA MBA entrance exam syllabus, here I am giving:

ATMA MBA entrance exam Syllabus:

a) Analytical Skills

The problems on Analytical Skills calculate the logical thinking abilities . Every question on analytical skills require specific set of mind and approach so you should open your mind and take every question as a new CHALLENGE. No specialized knowledge of any particular field is required, and neither the knowledge of terminology and conventions of formal logic is pre-assumed. Practice is all that is required!!

b) Quantitative Skills

Following topics come into quantitative skills – Number system, average, alligations,percentages, profit and loss, interest, ratio and proportion variations, time and work, time speed and distance, geometry, mensuration, functions, set theory, permutation and combination, probability, progression, inequalities, coordinate geometry, quadratic equation, logarithm.

c) Verbal Section

The following topics come under verbal skills-
Reading comprehension, vocabulary, synonyms, antynonyms, odd man out , analogies, sentence completion , paragraph jumble,sentence correction, critical reasoning, syllogism. Logical deductions.
d) Data Interpretetion and Sufficeient
Data interpretation, tables, bar charts, x- y charts, bar charts, cases and data sufficiency qustions.


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