Bharathiar University Slet Exam

Can you give me the Bharathiar University Slet Exam question paper of the chemical science???

Here is the Bharathiar University SLET Exam question paper of the chemical science:

1. Lithium is anomalous among alkali metals and resemble
(A) Mg (B) C (C) Ba (D) Sr

2. Be and Al show similarities in their properties known as
(A) horizontal relationship (B) vertical relationship (C) diagonal relationship (D) inert pair relationship

Remaining questions are in the attachment click on it…

Bharathiar University Slet Exam question paper of chemical science

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  1. hi sir,
    i’ve completed M.A , B.Ed (tamil) and i’m a headmaster in a government school.. i would like to write the SLET exams.. when is the exam dates.. wat is the actual procedure.. please kindly help me regarding this..

  2. Sir
    I have completed M.Sc in Physics with Electronics as Specialization from Osmania University, Hyderabad during 1995 to 1997 with First division. Till now working as lecturer and now I am planning to write SLET(State Level eligibility test ) conducted by different state universities. But I have no information about this. So I request you to give details about universities and their contacts which are conducting SLET. Thank you

  3. Hi,
    I am doing my 1st year, ME. Am i eligible for writing SLET exam 2011. If so kindly send me the details of syllabus, exam date, and other details……
    Thank you….

  4. hi,
    i am a post graduate student in biotechnology. i want details about slet exam date, lifescience syllabus & all details.
    pls kindly mail it.

  5. I am a management (MBA) HR and marketing professional I want to write Slet Exam.
    Please mail me the date of exam that is coming next and also the procedure to apply for the exam.

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