Calcutta University Courses

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Calcutta University Courses

Certificate Courses
Certificate in Arabic
Certificate in Bengali
Certificate in Chinese
Certificate in French
Certificate in German
Certificate in Hindi
Certificate in Korean
Certificate in Media Studies (Film & Television)
Certificate in Pali
Certificate in Persian
Certificate in Russian
Certificate in Tamil
Certificate in Tibetan
Certificate in Urdu

Diploma Courses
Diploma in Arabic
Diploma in Bengali
Diploma in Chinese
Diploma in French
Diploma in German
Diploma in Home Science course
Diploma in Hindi
Diploma in Korean
Diploma in Pali
Diploma in Persian
Diploma in Russian
Diploma in Tamil
Diploma in Tibetan
Diploma in Urdu

Under Graduate Degree Courses
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
Bachelor of Library & Information Science (BLISc)
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Ceramic Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Computer Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Information Technology
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Instrumentation Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Optics and Optoelectronics
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Oil Technology
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Petrochemicals and Petroleum Refinery Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Technology
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Polymer Science and Technology
Bachelor of Technology (BTech) – Radio physics and Electronics
Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Hons) – Food & Nutrition
Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Hons) – Human Development
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Home Science
Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Home Science
Bachelor of Law (LLB)
Bachelor of Law (LLB) (Hons)
Vocational-Communication En.

Post Graduate Degree Courses
Master of Computer Application (MCA)
Master of Science (MSc) – Agricultural Chemistry & Soil Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Agricultural Chemistry & Seed Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Agronomy
Master of Science (MSc) – Anthropology
Master of Science (MSc) – Applied Mathematics
Master of Science (MSc) – Applied Psychology
Master of Science (MSc) – Atmospheric Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Biochemistry
Master of Science (MSc) – Biotechnology
Master of Science (MSc) – Biophysics & Molecular Biology
Master of Science (MSc) – Biophysics Molecular Biology and Genetics
Master of Science (MSc) – Bio-Informatics & Biophysics
Master of Science (MSc) – Botany
Master of Science (MSc) – Chemistry
Master of Science (MSc) – Computer & Information Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Economics
Master of Science (MSc) – Electronic Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Environmental Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Genetics & Plant Breeding
Master of Science (MSc) – Geology
Master of Science (MSc) – Genetics
Master of Science (MSc) – Geography
Master of Science (MSc) – Horticulture
Master of Science (MSc) – Home Science (Food & Nutrition) Course
Master of Science (MSc) – Human Rights
Master of Science (MSc) – Marine Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Microbiology
Master of Science (MSc) – Physics
Master of Science (MSc) – Physiology
Master of Science (MSc) – Plant Physiology
Master of Science (MSc) – Psychology
Master of Science (MSc) – Pure Mathematics
Master of Science (M.Sc) – Seed Science & Technology
Master of Science (MSc) – Statistics
Master of Science (MSc) – Zoology
Master of Arts / Master of Science (MSc) in Home Science – Human Development
Master of Law (LLM)
Master of Arts (MA) – Ancient Indian History & Culture
Master of Arts (MA) – Arabic
Master of Arts (MA) – Archaeology
Master of Arts (MA) – Bengali
Master of Arts (MA) – Economics
Master of Arts (MA) – Education
Master of Arts (MA) – English
Master of Arts (MA) – French
Master of Arts (MA) – Human Rights
Master of Arts (MA) – Hindi
Master of Arts (MA) – History
Master of Arts (MA) – Islamic History & Culture
Master of Arts (MA) – Journalism & Mass Communication
Master of Arts (MA) – Linguistics
Master of Arts (MA) – Museology
Master of Arts (MA) – Pali
Master of Arts (MA) – Persian
Master of Arts (MA) – Philosophy
Master of Arts (MA) – Political Science
Master of Arts (MA) – Russian
Master of Arts (MA) – Sanskrit
Master of Arts (MA) – South and South East Asian Studies
Master of Arts (MA) – Sociology
Master of Arts (MA) – Tamil Studies
Master of Arts (MA) – Urdu
Master of Technology (MTech) – Ceramic Engineering
Master of Technology (MTech) – Chemical Engineering
Master of Technology (MTech) – Computer Science and Engineering
Master of Technology (MTech) – Electrical Engineering
Master of Technology (MTech) – Information Technology
Master of Technology (MTech) – Instrumentation Engineering
Master of Technology (MTech) – Optics and Optoelectronics
Master of Technology (MTech) – Oil Technology
Master of Technology (MTech) – Petrochemicals and Petroleum Refinery Engineering
Master of Technology (MTech) – Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Technology
Master of Technology (MTech) – Polymer Science and Technology
Master of Technology (MTech) – Radio physics and Electronics
Master of Commerce (MCom) – Day
Master of Commerce (MCom) – Evening
Master of Education (MEd) – Education
Master of Library & Information Science (MLISc)
Master of Business Management (MBM)
MD – Anatomy
MD – Bio-chemistry
MD – Microbiology and Parasitology
MD – Pathology
MD – Pharmacology
MD – Physiology
M.Ch. Cardiothrosic surgery
M.Ch. Pediatric surgery
M.Ch. Neurosurgery
M.Ch. Plastic surgery
M.Ch Genito Urinary surgery

Research / Doctoral-level Courses
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Bengali
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Economics
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Education
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – English
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Hindi
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – History
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Mathematics
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Pali
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Philosophy
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Political Science
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Sanskrit
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – South & South East Asian Studies

Pre-PG Courses
Pre-MA Course in Arabic
Pre-MA Course in French
Pre-MA Course in Pali
Pre-MA Course in Persian
Pre-MA Course in Sanskrit

Contact Details
Senate House
87 /1 College Street
West Bengal
Pin Code: 700073
Telephone: +91-33-2413288/311537/2410071/2414984
Fax: +91-33-2413222


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