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Is there anyone who could get me the list of courses offered by the Harvard
Extension School in Correspondence for fall session???   Answer:
  Hello! The following online courses which I am listing here for you at
Harvard Extension School are offered either online, both online and on campus,
or via live web conference. You can ask us for the detailed format of the courses.
  Fall 2013:   African and African American Studies AAAS E-182
From R&B to Neo Soul: Black Popular Music and Cultural Transformation  
Anthropology and Archaeology ANTH E-1050 Moctezuma’s Mexico: Then and Now  
ANTH E-1615 The Anthropology of Arabia   ANTH E-1641 Tolkien as Translator:
Language, Culture, and Society in Middle-Earth   Biological Sciences BIOS
E-18 Evolution   BIOS E-50 Neurobiology   BIOS E-129 Stem Cell and Regenerative
Biology   Classics CLAS E-116/W Concepts of the Hero in Classical Greek Civilization
  Computer Science CSCI E-10a Introduction to Computer Science Using Java
I   CSCI E-15 Dynamic Web Applications   CSCI E-18 Web Development Using
XML   CSCI E-22 Data Structures   CSCI E-33 Programming Microsoft .NET
  CSCI E-40 Communication Protocols and Internet Architectures   CSCI
E-45a Understanding and Securing the Cyber Infrastructure   CSCI E-50 Intensive
Introduction to Computer Science   CSCI E-55 Java for Distributed Computing
  CSCI E-56 Web Application Development with Groovy and Grails   CSCI
E-60 Developing Web-Based Database Applications   CSCI E-61 Systems Programming
and Machine Organization   CSCI E-65 Building Mobile Apps: A Comparative
View of Mobile Application Development   CSCI E-72 Introduction to Computer
Graphics   CSCI E-90 Cloud Computing   CSCI E-97 Software Design: Principles,
Models, and Patterns   CSCI E-109 Data Science   CSCI E-121 Introduction
to the Theory of Computation   CSCI E-127 Introduction to Cryptography  
CSCI E-205 Computing Foundations for Computational Science   Digital Media
DGMD E-20 Understanding and Developing Interactive Media   Economics ECON
E-1010 Microeconomic Theory   ECON E-1600 Economics of Business   ECON
E-1944, section 1 History of Financial Crises 1637-2013   ECON E-1944, section
2 History of Financial Crises 1637-2013   Engineering Sciences ENSC E-130
Introduction to MEMS with BioMEMS   ENSC E-150 Introduction to Nanobiotechnology:
Concepts and Applications   English ENGL E-124 Shakespeare’s Early Plays
  ENGL E-154a Literature and Sexuality   ENGL E-185 Wit and Humor  
ENGL E-196 American Protest Literature from Tom Paine to Tupac   ENGL E-209/W
Being Modern: The British Novel Since 1900   ENGL E-214/W The Post-Apocalyptic
Novel and Film   Environmental Studies ENVR E-101 Environmental Management
I   ENVR E-118 Environmental Management of International Tourism Development
  ENVR E-119 Introduction to Sustainable Buildings: Design and Construction
  ENVR E-120 Environmental Ethics and Land Management   ENVR E-129 From
Farm to Fork: Why What You Eat Matters   ENVR E-135 Corporate Sustainability
Strategy   ENVR E-137 Sustainable Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
Operations   ENVR E-140/W Fundamentals of Ecology   ENVR E-151 Life
Cycle and Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment   ENVR E-162 US Environmental
Law and Sustainability   ENVR E-163 Transportation, the Environment, and
Health   ENVR E-210 Critical Analysis of Environmental Systems   ENVR
E-215 Environmental Science   Expository Writing EXPO E-15, section 1 Fundamentals
of Academic Writing   EXPO E-15, section 2 Fundamentals of Academic Writing
  EXPO E-15, section 4 Fundamentals of Academic Writing   EXPO E-15,
section 8 Fundamentals of Academic Writing   EXPO E-15, section 9 Fundamentals
of Academic Writing   EXPO E-15, section 10 Fundamentals of Academic Writing
  EXPO E-25, section 1 Academic Writing and Critical Reading   EXPO
E-25, section 3 Academic Writing and Critical Reading   EXPO E-25, section
7 Academic Writing and Critical Reading   EXPO E-25, section 10 Academic
Writing and Critical Reading   EXPO E-34, section 1 Business Rhetoric  
EXPO E-34, section 3 Business Rhetoric   EXPO E-34, section 5 Business Rhetoric
  French Language and Literature FREN E-1d Online Intensive Elementary French
I   Government GOVT E-1005 Introduction to Political Science Research Methods
  GOVT E-1052/W Contemporary Topics in Political Philosophy   GOVT E-1062
Theories of Citizenship   GOVT E-1733/W Globalization and US National Security
  GOVT E-1780 International Political Economy   GOVT E-1886 Nuclear
Weapons and International Security   GOVT E-1897 American Foreign Policy
  GOVT E-1968 Understanding the Arab Awakening: Islam, Modernity, and Democracy
  GOVT E-2000 Quantitative Methods for Political Science   History HIST
E-10c/W World History III: The Age of Empires, 1500-1800   HIST E-1650/W
American Constitutional History I   HIST E-1825 China   History of Science
HSCI E-205 Bodies and Sexualities in the Medieval Middle East: Medical, Cultural,
and Religious Views   Information Systems Management ISMT E-130 Spreadsheet
Models for Managers   ISMT E-190 Enterprise Content Management   Journalism
JOUR E-100, section 1 Graduate Journalism Proseminar: Writing and Reporting  
JOUR E-100, section 2 Graduate Journalism Proseminar: Writing and Reporting  
JOUR E-125 Watergate to Wikileaks: Journalism Ethics Through Film   JOUR
E-137 Feature Writing   JOUR E-160 Travel Writing   Management MGMT
E-1000, section 1 Financial Accounting Principles   MGMT E-1300 Fundamentals
of Accounting and Finance for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations  
MGMT E-1600 Managerial Accounting   MGMT E-1640 Tax Issues in a Global Economy
  MGMT E-1680 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination   MGMT E-2000
Principles of Finance   MGMT E-2620 Business Analysis and Valuation  
MGMT E-2700 Corporate Finance   MGMT E-4000, section 1 Organizational Behavior
  MGMT E-4000, section 3 Organizational Behavior   MGMT E-4000, section
4 Organizational Behavior   MGMT E-4000, section 5 Organizational Behavior
  MGMT E-4182 Modern Dilemmas in the Corporation in the Twenty-First Century
  MGMT E-4225 Negotiation and Organizational Conflict Resolution   MGMT
E-4240 Human Resource Management   MGMT E-5000, section 1 Strategic Management
  MGMT E-5000, section 2 Strategic Management   MGMT E-5005 Corporate
Strategy   MGMT E-5090 Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness  
MGMT E-5310 Leading and Managing Nonprofit Organizations   MGMT E-5330 Principles
and Practices of Fundraising   MGMT E-5650 International Business  
MGMT E-6020 Services Marketing and Management Strategies   Mathematics MATH
E-3 Quantitative Reasoning: Practical Math   MATH E-300 Math for Teaching
Arithmetic   Museum Studies MUSE E-100 Introduction to Museum Studies  
Nutrition NUTR E-110 Nutrition and Health: Myths, Paradigms, and Science  
Psychology PSYC E-1030/W Human Development   PSYC E-1050 Introduction to
Social Psychology   PSYC E-1060 Emotion   PSYC E-1240 Abnormal Psychology
  PSYC E-1430 Psychology of Memory   PSYC E-1503/W The Psychology of
Close Relationships   PSYC E-1704 Creativity: Geniuses, Madmen, and Harvard
Students   Religion RELI E-1505/W Religion, Education, and Democracy  
Social Sciences SSCI E-101 Education Policy Analysis and Research in Comparative
Perspective   SSCI E-125 Case Studies in Global Health: Biosocial Perspectives
  Statistics STAT E-100 Introduction to Statistical Methods   Studio
Arts and Film STAR E-176 Nazi Cinema: The Art of Politics and Illusion  
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