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Can you give me list of courses offered by The College of Agricultural Sciences – Colorado State University


Answer :


The College of Agricultural Sciences – Colorado State University is a well known college that offered admission in the following courses ..


Course offered :

Undergraduate Programs

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Agricultural Business

Agricultural Economics

Farm & Ranch Management

Natural Resource Economics

Agricultural Education


Department of Animal Sciences

Animal Science

Food Safety Interdisciplinary Study

Equine Science


Department of Bio agricultural Sciences and Pest Management

Minor in Entomology

Minor in Plant Health


Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture


Business Management


Food Crops

Horticultural Therapy

Organic Agriculture Interdisciplinary Study


Viticulture and Enology

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Horticulture

Landscape Design & Contracting

Nursery/Landscape Management

Turf Management

Landscape Business


Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

Soil & Crop Sciences

Agronomic Production Management

Applied Information Technology

Environmental Soil Sciences

International Soil & Crop Sciences

Organic Agriculture Interdisciplinary Study

Plant Biotechnology/Genetics & Breeding

Soil & Crop Sciences

Soil Resources & Conservation


Double Majors

Agricultural Business/ Animal Sciences

Agricultural Business/ Equine Science

Agricultural Business/ Soil & Crop Sciences

Agricultural Education/ Agricultural Business

Agricultural Education/ Animal Sciences

Agricultural Education/ Equine Science

Agricultural Education/ Horticulture

Agricultural Education/ Landscape Horticulture

Agricultural Education/ Soil & Crop Sciences


PG courses :

Master of Agriculture

MAgr & MAEE Programs

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Extension Education

Integrated Resource Management

Peace Corp Masters International


Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

MS & PhD Programs:

Agricultural production and finance economics

Agricultural business and marketing economics

Community & regional development economics

Natural resource and environmental economics


Department of Animal Sciences

MS & PhD Programs:

Breeding and Genetics

Food Safety

Livestock management systems

Meat science



Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management


MS & PhD Programs:

Biology and management of invasive species

Ecology and biodiversity


Genomics and molecular biology

Integrated pest management

Plant Pathology

Weed science


Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

MS & PhD Programs:

Bioactive plant components

Dietary intervention/cancer prevention

Environmental and stress physiology



Germplasm conservation

Greenhouse technology

Landscape ecology

Landscape/ornamental plants

Landscape water conservation/xeriscapes

Organic/sustainable production

Plant antioxidants

Plant tissue culture

Rhizosphere biology/ecology

Turfgrass science


Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

MS & PhD Programs:

Crop science

Plant biotechnology, genetics, and breeding

Soil science



Agricultural & Resource Economics

Animal Sciences

Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

Soil & Crop Sciences


List of its centers :

Institute for Livestock and the Environment

Center for Red Meat Safety and Quality

Rocky Mountain Center for Crop Biosecurity

Shortgrass Steppe Long-Term Ecological Research

Western Center for Integrated Resource Management

Center for Sustainable Integrated Pest Management


Contact details ::

301 University Ave

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523-1101

Bldg: 121 Shepardson

Voice: 970-491-6274

Fax: 970-491-4895

Dean’s Office


Agricultural Education

Dr. Kellie Enns

Clark B-338

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523-1172

970-491-0678 Office

970-491-2067 Fax


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