Curtin course guide

Will you please give me list of courses offered by the Curtin University of Technology?


Answer :

Curtin University of Technology is a well known college which is offered admission in the following courses ..


Course offered ::

3D Design Major

314895    Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Human Resource Management)

314829    Graduate Diploma in Oenology

314827    Graduate Diploma in Subsea Engineering

314697    Master of Commerce

314807    Master of Dietetics

314594    Master of Engineering Science (Metallurgy)

314597    Master of Engineering Science (Mining)

314880    Master of Radiation Therapy

314824    Master of Subsea Engineering



Applied Geology and Environmental Biology Double Degree

Coastal and Marine Science

Economics and Sustainable Development Double Major

Environment and Agriculture Pre-major

Environmental Biology

Environmental Science



Mine and Engineering Surveying


Viticulture and Oenology


Chemical Engineering DD Major (BEng/BCom)

Chemical Engineering Major (BEng)

Chemical Engineering Stream (BEng)

Chemistry Double Degree Major (S&E)

Chemistry Major (BSc Science)

Chemistry Major (Postgraduate Diploma)

Child and Adolescent Health Nursing Stream (Master of Nursing)

Chinese Double Degree Major

Chinese Double Degree Major (S&E)

Chinese Major

Civil and Construction Engineering DD Major (BEng/BCom)

Civil and Construction Engineering Major

Clinical Physiotherapy Major (Grad Cert)

Clinical Physiotherapy Major (Master of Clinical Physiotherapy)

Clinical Psychology Major

Coastal and Marine Science Double Degree Major (S&E)

Coastal and Marine Science Major (BSc Science)

Commerce Foundation Studies Stream

Comprehensive Stream (BSc Nursing)

Computer Science Major (Master of Science)

Computer Science Major (Postgraduate Diploma)

Computer Science Stream

Computer Science Stream (BSc Science)

Computer Systems Engineering DD Major (BEng/BCom)

Computer Systems Engineering Major

Computing Major (BSc Science)

Computing Pre-major (BSc Science)

Construction Management and Economics Fourth Year Stream

Continence and Women’s Health Major (Grad Cert)

Continence and Women’s Health Major (Master of Clinical Physiotherapy)

Coronary Care Nursing Stream (Master of Clinical Nursing)

Corporate Information Management Major

Corporate Media Production Major (Master)

Corporate Media Production Stream (Grad Cert)

Corporate Media Production Stream (Grad Dip)

Corporate Screen Production Stream (Mass Communication)

Counselling Psychology Major

Coursework Stream (MA App Ling)

Creative Advertising and Graphic Design Major

Creative Writing Double Degree Major

Creative Writing Major

Creative Writing Stream

Cyber Security Stream (BSc Science)


Post graduate course:

Development Planning

Graduate Certificate in Development Planning

Dryland Agricultural Systems

Master of Science (Dryland Agricultural Systems)

Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Dryland Agricultural Systems)

Environmental Biology and Management

Master of Science (Environmental Biology and Management)

Environmental Health

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Health

Sustainability and Climate Policy

Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Climate Policy

Graduate Diploma in Sustainability and Climate Policy

Master of Sustainability and Climate Policy

Sustainable Aquaculture

Master of Science (Sustainable Aquaculture)

Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Sustainable Aquaculture)

Graduate Certificate in Development Planning

Environmental Health

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Health

Sustainable Aquaculture

Master of Science (Sustainable Aquaculture)


Enabling courses are:

Aboriginal Bridging Course

Indigenous Tertiary Enabling Course

English Language Enabling Course

Curtin English Language Centre courses


Study areas

Agriculture, environment and sustainability

Architecture and construction

The arts and creative industries

Business, management and law

Culture, language and Indigenous


Engineering and mining


IT and computing

Physical sciences and mathematics


Centre for Aboriginal Studies

Curtin Business School

Curtin English

Curtin Sarawak

Curtin Singapore

Curtin Sydney

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Science and Engineering



List of its centers ::

Research Unit for the Study of Societies in Change

Curtin Water Quality Research Centre (CWQRC)

iVEC – The hub of advanced computing in Western Australia

Collaborative Research in Art, Science and Humanity

Clean Gas Technology Australia

Centre for Data Linkage

Centre for Wine Excellence

Critical Textual Studies

Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI)

Corrosion Centre for Education, Research and Technology (Corr-CERT)

Centre for Industrial Modelling and Optimisation (CIMO)

International Institute for Agri-Food Security (IIAFS)

Pavement Research Group

National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE)

Centre for Smart Grid and Sustainable Power Systems (CSGSPS)

Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre (C-MARC)

Centre for High-Definition Geophysics (CHDG)

The Institute for Geoscience Research (TIGeR)

Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC)

Nanochemistry Research Institute (NRI)

Centre for Culture and Technology (CCAT)

Tourism Research Cluster

Wireless Instrumentation and Networks Research Group

Public Sector Accountability and Disclosure (PSAD)

Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA)

John de Laeter Centre for Isotope Research (JDLC)

Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis (CMCA)

Cultural Heritage Research Unit

Centre for Sport and Recreation Research (CSRR)

Australian Sustainable Development Institute (ASDI)

Scholars in Humanities Group

Centre of Excellence for Science, Seafood and Health (CESSH)

Western Australian Satellite Technology and Applications Consortium (WASTAC)

Centre for Human Rights Education

Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute (AAPI)

Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBENRC)

John Curtin Institute for Public Policy (JCIPP)

Radio Astronomy Science and Engineering Centre of Excellence

Multiphase Flow through Porous Media Research Group

Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG)

National Drug Research Institute (NDRI)

Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI)

Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research (WACHPR)

Fluid Dynamics Research Group

Centre for Population Health Research (CPHR)

Creativity Research Group

WA Centre for Evidence Informed Healthcare Practice

Fuels and Energy Technology Institute (FETI)

ATN Centre for Metabolic Fitness

Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)

WA Centre for Public Health

Sustainable Engineering Group

Creative Networks and Commons research cluster

Australian Folklore Research Unit

Communication Technology and Signal Processing Group

Women in Social and Economic Research (WiSER)

Curtin Institute for Radio Astronomy (CIRA)

Water and Environmental Engineering Research Group

Public Health Advocacy Institute

International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)

Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP)

Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST)

Climate Change Refugia Research Group

Wound Healing and Management CRC

Embedded Systems and System Technologies Research Group

Centre for Process Systems Computations (CPSC)

Research Centre for Applied Psychology

Australia at War and Peace

Remote Sensing and Satellite Research Group

Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre

People, Business and Strategy (PBS)

Renewable Energy and Power Systems Research Group

Isotope Science Research Laboratories

Unconventional Gas Research Group

Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Research Unit

Petroleum Geomechanics Group

Environmental Health Impact Assessment WHO Collaborating Centre (WHO EHIA)

Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE)

Migration Ethnicity Refugees and Citizenship Research Unit

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURi)

Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer Control (CBRCC)


Campuses :

Bentley (main campus)

Other WA campuses

Curtin Sydney

Curtin Sarawak

Curtin Singapore


Contact details ::

Curtin University

Student Central

Phone: +61 8 9266 3399

CRICOS Provider Code

WA 00301J, NSW 02637B


Student Fees (fee enquiries only)

Phone: +61 8 9266 3500



Postal address

GPO Box U1987 Perth,

Western Australia 6845


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