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Can anyone here provide me the information about the Cyber Defence Institute, Japan training, services and products?   Answer:   Hello! Here I am providing information about the Cyber Defence Institute, Japan training, services and products for which you were looking:   Trainings:   Hacking Seminar Overview Hacking Seminar: Web Application Hacking Seminar: Network   Security Assessment Seminar Overview Security Assessment Seminar: Web Application Security Assessment Seminar: Network   Forensics Seminar Overview Forensics Seminar: Preservation of Evidence, Basics Forensics Seminar: Windows File System Forensics Seminar: Windows Artifact Analysis Forensics Seminar: SmartPhone Analysis: Oxygen Forensic, iOS, and Android Forensics Seminar: Macintosh   Malware Analysis Seminar Overview Malware Analysis Seminar: Basic   Incident Response Seminar Overview Incident Response Seminar: Basic   Exploit Writing Seminar Overview Exploit Writing Seminar: Stack Overflow Exploit Writing Seminar: Heap Overflow Exploit Writing Seminar: Effect Fuzzing Exploit Writing Seminar: Kernel & Shellcode   Other services: Cyber Incident Response Support Service CSIRT Setup Service Cyber Security Exercise Web-based Malware Detection System Computer Forensics   Products: Yarai Origma+ Oxygen Forensic Suite 2010 CANVAS VisualSploit   Contact: Cyber Defense Institute, Inc. Ishizuka Yaesu Building, 10th Floor, 1-5-20, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 103-0028 Tel. +81 3-3242-8700 Fax. +81 3-3242-8703


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