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Question: Give me LLB Term 1&2 course contact of Delhi University Law Centre.

Answer: Following is LLB Term 1&2 course contact of Delhi University Law Centre:

LL.B. I Term
LB-101–Elements of India Legal
LB-102–Principles of Contract (General Principles)
LB-103–Law of Torts (Nature, General Principles, General Defences and Specific Torts)
LB-104–Criminal Law-I–(Specific Crimes)
LB-105–Family Law-I–(Hindu Law of Marriage, Adoption & Maintenance, Minority and Guardianship, Muslim Law of Marriage, Divorce and Dower & Acknowledgment of Paternity, Wakfs and Endowments).

LL.B. II Term:
LB-201–Evidence (Law & Evidence in India)
LB-202–Family Law-II–(Hindu Law of Joint Family, Partition and Debts, Gifts and Wills, Muslim Law of Gifts & Wills, Hindu Succession Act and Muslim General Principles of Inheritance).
LB-203–Criminal Law-II–(General Principles and Procedure)
LB-204 Property Law
LB-205 Public International Law (Law of Peace)

Contacts Details

Law Centre-I, Chhatra Marg
Faculty of Law (North Campus)
University of Delhi
Delhi – 110007

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