Distance Learning Surveying Courses

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Distance Learning Surveying Courses

Premier School of Building is a correspondence school founded in 1999 extending single subject short courses by distance learning for most managerial situations within the construction industry. This course is planned as an introduction for students who have a running knowledge of the developed environment, with experience on site and a good application of maths. Students should have a ‘mentor ‘to supervise their work particularly concerning use of the equipment etc.

The course reading consists of lesson material and an excellent text book with twelve lessons as follows:

Lesson Content
Chain Surveying
Field Notes and Plotting
Gravitational Leveling I
Gravitational Leveling II
Methods of Measurement Areas
Measuring up Existing Buildings
Use of Theodolite
Theodolite Surveying
Dichromatic Surveying
Setting out Construction Works

On play of the course the student should be competent at handling the various surveying equipment, taking stages on site, lining out, traversing and undertaking universal setting out and will obtain a Premier School of Building Certificate of Completion. The course may commence at any time and should be accomplished within 3 months trusting upon the students past knowledge of the subject.

Premier School of Building.
Westminster Chambers
7 Hunter Street
Ch1 2hr
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1244 311609


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