Distance Learning Worldwide

Distance Learning Worldwide
WorldWideLearn.com is a Web site, its provide listing institutions and companies furnishing online education [distance learning] and training. We do not have any information about specific programs or institutions. If you have questions about specific degrees, courses, tuition, delivery, receipts, etc., please contact the institution or company furnishing the training.Distance and e-learning programs are becoming more and more vital in the world of higher education. Through the use of new technological resources, e-learning programs make it possible for more people to reach their educational aims.

The United States Distance Learning Association says, “distance learning covers all technologies and endorses the pursuit of life long learning for all.”Students, educators, and people concerned in e-learning programs should know the facts about the rapid-developing industry of distance education and e-learning.As the #1 e-learning resource on the web, World Wide Learn furnishes you with the information you need about e-learning research, market trends, theories, and statistics. Use this section as a resource to find out about e-learning market research, e-learning statistics, e-learning journals and newsletters, e-learning organizations and associations, and much more!

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