Faculty High School

I want to get admission in Faculty Higher Secondary School so I want to get the facilities and the details of entrance test so can you provide me that as it is very urgent for me?   Answer:   Faculty Higher Secondary School was established back in the year of 1980 and is a private school in Guwahati, Assam, India part of Osom Educational Trust.   Around the school is a park area, including a large field and pond.   When the school opened in 1980, it was designed for less than 1000 people, but now there are around 3000 students.   Facilities: Inside the Classroom Transparent Clubs Playing Grounds Health Centre Cafeteria Computer Labs Server Room Internet Facility Library Auditorium   Entrance exam Details: Class          Subjects KG & I        Eng, Maths, GK, Viva II & III         Eng, Maths, GK, Ass, Hindi, Viva IV to IX      Eng, Maths, Sci, Hindi & Viva Voce   School Uniform: White shirt with badge of the school. Dark grey sorts or trousers for boys, skirts for girls. Jackets for girls from XI to XII. Black shoes and black socks. Maroon tie will be worn from the beginning of the school term. i.e. Maroon pullover will be worn in winter i.e. from 1st Dec, upto end of the term. For Higher Secondary students, blue tie with white stripes and navy blue pullover or blazer. House T shirt, white socks, white shoes are to be worn for PT/Games/House Activities.   Contact Details: Faculty H. S. School Amingaon, Tiling Gaon, Guwahati, Assam 780139 India  

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