Fletcher School Courses Spring

Which courses offered at the Tufts Fletcher School in Spring, please provide the list of courses & contact details?



The Tufts Fletcher School offers giving listed spring courses:


Public International Law

Current Issues in Human Rights

International Criminal Justice

Peace Operations

International Investment Law

International Financial and Fiscal Law

Comparative Legal Systems

Foreign Relations and National Security Law – limited to 18 students


Diplomacy: History, Theory, and Practice

Religion and Conflict in International Relations: Policymaking Assumptions, Analysis, and Design

Essentials of Humanitarian Action in the Field (Jan. 29-May 7; Simulation: Apr. 25-27) – cross-listed with Friedman School

International Mediation

Southwest Asia: History, Culture, and Politics

International Relations of the United States and East Asia: 1945 to the Present

U.S.-European Relations since the Fall of the Berlin Wall – ½ credit – second half of term

The Foreign Relations of the United States Since 1917

Classics of International Relations

Analytic Frameworks for International Public Policy Decisions

Decision Making and Public Policy

GIS for International Applications – limited to 26 students

Field Seminar in Comparative Politics and International Relations (for PhD students)

Global Political Economy

Political Economy of Development

Understanding Mass Atrocities

Culture, Human Values and Development

Evaluation of Peacebuilding and Development for Practitioners and Donors (E) – ½ credit– limited to 35 students; Enrollment Sign-Up Sheet Available October 15-November 5

Advanced Development and Conflict Resolution

Advanced Evaluation & Learning in International Organizations – ½ credit – limited to 35 students;

Policy and Strategy in the Origins, Conduct and Termination of War

Proliferation-Counterproliferation and Homeland Security Issues

Modern Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Civil-Military Relations

International Energy Policy

Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity

The Islamic World – ½ credit – full length of term

China’s Frontiers

The Strategic Dimensions of China’s Rise

North Korean State and Society

China Politics

Southeastern Europe in the World Economy

Political Economy and Business of the European Union (in English) – ½ credit – full length of term

L’Economie Politique et le Contexte Mercantile d’Union Europeénne (in French) – ½ credit – full length of term

Democracy and State Reform in Latin America

Political Economy and Business Context of Latin America (in English) – ½ credit – full length of term

Political Economy and Business Context of Latin America (in Spanish) – ½ credit – full length of term


Introduction to Economic Theory



International Trade and Investment

Finance Growth and Business Cycles – ½ credit – first half of term

Development Economics: Macroeconomic Perspectives

Development Economics: Micro Perspectives

The Political Economy of Reform, Growth, and Equity – ½ credit – first half of term

Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development – limited to 40 students

Data Analysis and Statistical Methods

Data Analysis and Statistical Methods for Business

Financial Statement Analysis

Accounting for Profit, Non-Profit, and Government Organizations

Global Financial Services

International Financial Management

Informal and Underground Finance

Corporate Finance and Banking: A Comparative Asian Perspective – ½ credit – full length of term

Islamic Banking and Finance

International Business Strategy and Operations

Best (or More Plausibly, Widely Used) Practices

Strategy and Innovation in the Evolving Context of International Business

Field Studies in Global Consulting

Field Studies in Global Consulting

Microfinance and Financial Inclusion

Market Approaches to Economic and Human Development: Reaching the Base of the Economic Pyramid Through Social Enterprise


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Tufts Fletcher School Spring courses



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