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Default BHU PMT Banaras Hindu University

I want to take Banaras Hindu University PMT exam so can you provide me some information about the dates of examination . test centers and also tell me the syllabus for the PMT examination .. please tell me as soon as possible ?
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Default Re: BHU PMT Banaras Hindu University

The Banaras Hindu University hold PMT exam for admission to MBBS, BDS, BAMS and B. Pharm courses.

Here are the tentative dates for the exam:
PMT screening exam will be held in- second week of May 2013
PMT Main examination will be hold- Second week of June 2013
Sale of Application Form from 1st week of January 2013 to 1st week of March 2013
Last date for submission of application form- 2nd week of March 2013

Test centres:
Prelims exam:

Mains exam:

candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent exam in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Zoology + Botany).– General candidates must have scored 50% marks for admission in MBBS/BDS/BAMS and 45% for General-PC candidates and 40% marks for OBC#/SC/ST.

Scheme of the exam:
The screening test paper will have questions based on Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and zoology worth of 200 marks.


Measurement,Motion,Circular Motion,Wave Motion,Optics,Kinetic Theory of Gases,Physics of the Atom,Thermodynamics,Work and heat,First law of Thermodynamics,Electricity,Electro-Magnetic Induction,Nuclear Physics,
Electronic Devices.

Part I: General & Inorganic Chemistry-Structure of Atom,Molecule and Chemical Bond,Periodic Properties of Elements,Chemistry of Elements and Compounds.
Part II: Organic Chemistry
Part III: Physical Chemistry-State of Matter,Energetic,Chemical Equilibrium

Life science/Biology-
Zoology,Histology,Anatomy and Physiology,Reproductive System,Developmental Biology,Diversity of Animal Life,
Genetics and Evolution (Fundamentals only), Symbiosis
Anatomy and Physiology of Plants,
Plant growth and development,
Internal and external regulators of growth and development in plants,
Internal structure of stem and secondary growth,
Xylem and Phloem-their cell elements and functions
Absorption and cell water relations,transport of water and minerals,
tropic and turgor movements.
Botany and Human Welfare
Internal structure of dicot and monocot leaves,
photosynthesis-history,importance,factors and mechanism,stomatal mechanism.
Transpiration and respiration
Internal structure of dicot and monocot roots.

Sample Paper:

1. What is common between an earthworm, a cockroach and a centipede?
Choice a Sexual dimorphism
Choice b Metamorphism
Choice c Chitnous exoskeleton
Choice d Haemocoel

2. Chloroplasts of algae lack
Choice a Pigments
Choice b Quantasomes
Choice c Grana
Choice d Lamellae

3. Dataura belongs to family
Choice a Solanaceae
Choice b Cruciferea
Choice c Liliaceae
Choice d Compositae

4. The cardiac pacemaker in a patient fails to function normally. The doctor finds that an artificial pacemaker is to be grafted in him. It is likely that it will be grafted at the site of
Choice a Purkinje system
Choice b Atrioventricular node
Choice c Atroventricular bundle
Choice d Sinuatrial node

5. Petroleum yielding plants or petroplants belong to family
Choice a Apocynaceae
Choice b Asclepiadaceae
Choice c Euphorbiaceae
Choice d All of these

6. Mutations are commonly
Choice a Incomplete
Choice b Dominant
Choice c Recessive
Choice d Codominant

7. Part of anther which produces both enzymes and hormones is
Choice a Archesporium
Choice b Middle layers
Choice c Tapetum
Choice d Endothecium


In a particular reaction the time required to complete half of the reaction was found to increase 16 times when the initial concentration of the reactant was reduced to one-fourth. What is the order of the reaction?
Choice A 4
Choice B 3
Choice C 1
Choice D 2

The standard molar enthalpy of CO2 is equal to
Choice A The sum of the standard molar enthalpies of formation of CO and O2
Choice B The standard molar enthalpy of combustion of carbon (graphite)
Choice C -394kJmol-1
Choice D The standard molar enthalpy of combustion of gaseous carbon

Carbon shows strong catenation while silicon shows little or no catenation because
Choice A Silicon is a metalloid and carbon is a nonmetal
Choice B Silicon forms ionic compounds whereas carbon forms covalent compounds
Choice C The Si—Si bond is stronger than the C—C bond
Choice D The C—C bond is stronger than the Si—Si bond

The positronium is a species consisting of an electron bound to a positron. Calculate its ionization potential.
Choice A 6.8 V
Choice B 13.6 V
Choice C 27.2 V
Choice D 3.4 V


The current in the circuit will be Wattless when
Choice a The inductance is zero
Choice b The resistance is zero
Choice c Capacitance C = inductance L
Choice d The capacitance is zero

The fusion reaction takes place at very high temperatures because at high temperatures
Choice a The nuclei get sufficient energy to overcome coulomb's repulsive force between them
Choice b The atoms get ionized
Choice c Nuclei will melt and fuse together
Choice d The nuclei will disintegrate

We prefer rubber tyres to the steel tyres because
Choice a Rubber is cheaper than steel
Choice b Steel tyres produce more noise than the rubber tyres
Choice c It is easy to give rubber a circular shape
Choice d Coefficient of friction of rubber on concrete is lower than that between steel on concrete

Reference Books:

Arihant BHU Medical Entrance Solved Papers (C070)

Mtg BHU Explorer Screening & Mains

Coaching centres:
Aakash Institute
Allen Institute, Kota
Narayana Coaching Centre
OASIS Educational Services (OES)
Sachdeva New P.T College
Sahil Study Circle
Medical Centre
ABC Classes
Career Point

How to get the form:
Candidates can get the form from the designated branches of Bank of Baroda or by post from the office of the Director (PMT-Cell), Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221 005. For that General/OBC candidates have to send a written request by Registered Post with Crossed DD/Bankers Cheque of Rs. 1600/-.

Here I have uploaded the PMT notice. If you want the notice, you can get it after downloading it from here.

Banaras Hindu University,

Here is the image of home page of the BHU website.

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