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Default Cluster University B.Sc. Hons Physics 5th Sem SOLID STATE PHYSICS Syllabus

Cluster University B.Sc. Hons Physics 5th Sem SOLID STATE PHYSICS Syllabus








MINOR TEST : 01 Hour MINOR TEST: 20 Marks

MAJOR TEST : 2.5 Hours MAJOR TEST: 80 Marks

Unit-I (12 HOURS)
Crystal Structure: Crystalline and Amorphous solids, Crystal lattice, Basis, Unit Cell,
Symmetry operations, Bravais lattice, Characteristics of cubic crystals, Miller Indices, Spacing
between lattice planes, Reciprocal lattice: properties and reciprocal lattice to SC, BCC, FCC
lattices, Dif(12)fraction of X-rays by crystals, Bragg’s Law, X-ray diffraction methods: Laue,
Rotating crystal and powder methods.

Unit-II (12 HOURS)
Elementary Lattice Dynamics: Lattice Vibrations and Phonons: Linear Monoatomic and
Diatomic Chains. Acoustical and Optical Phonons. Qualitative Description of the Phonon
Spectrum in Solids. Dulong and Petit’s Law, Einstein and Debye theories of specific heat of
solids. T3 law. (9 Hrs)
Crystal Defects: Point defects, Equilibrium concentration of Schottky defects and Frenkel
defects, Edge and screw dislocations.

Unit-III (12 HOURS)
Magnetic Properties of Matter: Dia-, Para-, Ferri- and Ferromagnetic Materials. Classical
Langevin Theory of dia – and Paramagnetic Domains. Quantum Mechanical Treatment of
Paramagnetism. Curie’s law, Weiss’s Theory of Ferromagnetism and Ferromagnetic Domains.
Discussion of B-H Curve. Hysteresis and Energy Loss, Soft and hard magnetic materials,
Antiferromagnetism, Ferrites.

Unit-IV (12 HOURS)
Dielectric Properties of Materials: Polarization. Local Electric Field at an Atom.
Depolarization Field. Electric Susceptibility. Polarizability. Clausius Mosotti Equation. Classical
Theory of Electric Polarizability. Normal and Anomalous Dispersion. Cauchy and Sellmeir
relations. Langevin-Debye equation, Applications of dielectric materials.
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