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Old 21st October 2012, 12:24 PM
Default ECIL Question Paper CS

Can you provide me ECIL question of computer science of Electronics Corporation of India Limited because I do participate in its recruitment exam so I have need of its so tell you for do provide me its last exam question papers of computer science
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Old 23rd October 2012, 12:15 PM
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Default Re: ECIL Question Paper CS

For your preparation The subjects which u needs to prepare are
1. Computer networks.

2. Operating systems.

3. Network security

4. Compiler design.

5. Dbms.

6. Dld

7. Microprocessor

8. Computer organization

9. Network programming

These subjects’ only fundamentals are necessary to be prepared. I am providing some questions to you for your preparation:

1) In networks if the address size of ipv4 is 4 bytes then for ipv6 how many bytes does it take?
A. 6 bytes b.8 bytes c.16 bytes d. none Ans: c

2) The full form of ssl is
Ans: secure socket layer.

3) To generate a digital signature which of the following components are necessary?

A. encryption b. encoding c. hash function
D. none

4) Routing is possible in which layer ANS: network

5) 1 c program

6) One gate has given the or gate is used with --------------gate to produce an or gate

7) In 8086 to produce an effective address by using 20 bit address we use ------
Ans: CS+IP

8) Which of the following occurs to belody’s anomaly?

9)-5 can be represented in binary form as____________

10) Signed integer for 16bit is ANS:-32768 to +32767

11) Which of the following class belongs to
ANS: class B

12) Which of the following is error detection code?

13) ATM is used for _______________ switching
ANS: packet switching

14) Which of the following layers are used for routing?
ANS: network layer

15) One small c program on conditional operator

16) Worst case time complexity of quick sort is________
ANS: o (n^2)

17) A join that shows the null values is ANS: outer join

18) The problem of using priority scheduling is________
Ans: starvation

19) Which of the following are used for charged particles?
a) Alpha b) beta c) gamma d) none

If the books are soted in a given order which are already sorted is___________

Ans: stable
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