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Unregistered 1st February 2018 12:32 PM

EIL Question Paper CSE
Hii sir, I Completed Engineering in Computer Science And Engineering Now I Apply for the Job in EIL Will you Please Provide me the Sample Question Paper of non Technical Asked in the ECIL Recruitment Exam ?

shikha 1st February 2018 12:38 PM

Re: EIL Question Paper CSE
As you Asking for the Aptitude Question Paper of the ECIL The Question Paper is given below

Non Technical

1. Which country is rich in thorium..
Ans. India

2. Eco Mark is used on products which are:
Ans. Eco friendly.

3. Animax channel belong to which of the following:
a) sony pictures, b)zee, c)star, d)disney

4. first nuclear plant in India was set up at:
Ans. Tarapur

5. Recently India has done Science Express Deal with which of the following countries:
a) Germany, b) Japan, c) China, d) Russia

6. Pandit Jwaharlal Nehru award was given first time to the president of which of the following
a) Brazil, b) Mexico, c) Austria, d ) Sweden.

7. Kaziranga National Park is Famous for:
a) Rhino, b) Zebra, etc....

8. APJ Abdul klam is related to which of the following missiles:
a) ASLV, b) GSLV, c) SLV,etc..

9. Progen is the BPO of which company:
a) Satyam, b) Wipro, c) Infosys, etc..

10. Bharat Parvasi Divas is celebrated on which day:
Ans. 9th nov.

11. Pongal is the festival belongs to which state:
a) Kerela, b) Karnatka, c) Orissa, etc..

12. Which dance is known as the "Ballet of East":
a) kathak, b)bharatnatyam, c) kuchipudi, d) manipuri

13. Sunderbans are famous for:
a) Mangroves, b) Tropical forests, etc..

14. The famous Golfer Vijay Singh belongs to which country:
a) Fiiji, b) keniya, c) Maldives, etc..

15. LTTE is related to which country:
Ans. Shrilanka

16. Which of the following is not included in new 7 wonders:
a) Taj Mahal, b) The Grand Canyon, c) machhi Puchhi, etc..

17. Who is known as the father of modren biology?
a) Charles Darwin, etc...

18. P.Sainath is related to which of the following:
a) TV Anchoring, b) Drama, c) Mountaineering, etc...

19. The elephants, the tiger, the cell is written by:
a) Sashi Throor, etc....

20. Anandmath is written by which author:
a) Rabindernath Tagore, b)BC Chatterji, c) Premchand, etc...

21. Bessel 2 norms are related to:
a) Cyber crimes, etc...

22. Steve Fosset is related to:
a) Crocodile Hunting, etc...

23. Dr. MS Swaminathan is related to :
a) planning comission, b) sixth pay comission, c) national farmers comission, etc..

24. First soundless movie of Bolyywood:
Ans. Alam Ara
25. What is the meaning of Dime a Dozen...?
a) easy to get, b) easily available,etc...

26. Nightmare: Dream
a) Dread: Expectation, b) Frustration: Confusion,etc..

27. Meaning of Concur:
a) to deny, b) Unusual, etc...

28. Golden Arches is related to which of the following:
a) KFC, b) Mcdonals,etc...

29. Meaning of: The way the wind blows :
a) way the things were , b) way the things are, etc...

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