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Unregistered 9th November 2015 06:15 PM

Mba gmat cat
Hello, I am giving CAT and GMAT exams for the admission in MBA program. I want the previous years papers for this.

sumit 9th November 2015 06:21 PM

Re: Mba gmat cat
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Hello, here I am providing you the sample questions for the GMAT and CAT exam as under:

I. Consider the set S = ( 2, 3, 4 ....... 2n + I),
where m is n positive integer than 2007.
Define X as the average of the odd
integers in S and Y as the average of the
even integers in S. What is the value of X
a 0
c. -n
n+l d.
e. 2008
Ten years ago, the ages of the members of
a joint family of eight people added up to
231 years. Three years later, one member,
died at the age of 60 years and a child
born during the same year. Afterr/ert
three years, one more member die
at 60, and a child was b om t unn th
same year. The current aver~.~ e o • s
eight-member joint fam0 stto:
a 23 years
b. 22 years
~. ~~~::~s +
e. 24ye~
A 1~~~ (x tisfies f(l) = 3600, and
..$f(l~: . ' ."...".. + f(n) = n2f(n), for all l. ... , •• .,.,.,,
c. 200
d. I 00
e. 120
4. Suppose you have a currency, named
Miso, in three denominations: I Mi so, I 0
Miso s and 50 Mi so s. In how many ways
can you pay a bill of I 07 Misos?
a 17
b. 16
c. 18
d. 15
e. 19
A confused bank teller trans~ A., the
rupees and paise when he cas~ ch~e
for Shailaja, giving her rup ~\.~~:~d of
paise and paise instea~. ru~s. 'i>.fter
buying a toffee for p e~hail aj a
noticed that she w~s I • th actly three
times as much s th amount on the
cheque. Which o e £ owing is a valid
statement about the c eque amount?
a Over~J.7-tut I ess than Rupees 8
b. ~~ 22 but less than Rupees
' Jupees 18 but less than Rupees
ver rupees 4 but I ess than Rupees 5
ver Rupees 13 but less than Rupees
How many pairs of positive integers m, n
sat.t sf y -I+ -4 =-I , w h ere n t.s an od d
m n 12
integer less than 6 0?
a 6
b. 4
c. 7
d. 5
e. 3
Direction for questions 7 to 10: Each question
is followed by two statements A and B indicate
your responses based on the following
if the question can be answered using a alone
but not using B alone.

Here I am providing some more files for reference as under:
MBA GMAT CAT sample papers:





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