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Default IISC Chemistry

Hi I am a student in the Indian Institute of Science IISC so can you please provide me the syllabus for the chemistry subject for the IISC so I can have an idea???
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Default Re: IISC Chemistry

Indian Institute of Science is a public university for scientific research and higher education located in Bangalore, India.

Well below I have given you the syllabus for the IISC chemistry subject so you can have a look

Chemistry Curriculum

Semester 1 (AUG)
Physical Principles (2:1)
Bohr theory, Wave Particle Duality, Uncertainty principle, Schrödinger equation, H-atom
and atomic orbitals, electron spin, Pauli principle and many electron atoms. Chemical
bonding: covalent and ionic bonding, valance bond theory, hybridization and resonance;
molecular orbital theory. Homonuclear and heteronuclear diatomics, potential energy
curves and intermolecular interactions; elements of spectroscopy, van der Waals
equation of state; theory of chemical reactions.
Semester 2 (JAN)
Basic Inorganic Chemistry (2:1)
Multi-electron atoms – periodic trends; chemical bonding: ionic
solids, CFT: d-orbital splitting, tetrahedral, square planar, cubic and
octahedral crystal fields, covalent bonding; Lewis model (2 Dim); VSEPR (3
Dim) hybridization; molecular orbital theory: heteronuclear diatomics,
triatomics; shapes of main group compounds; acid-base chemistry: concepts,
measures of acid-base strength, HSAB.

Semester 3 (AUG)
Basic Organic Chemistry (2:1)
Nomenclature of organic compounds: alkanes, alkenes and alkynes; structure and
reactivity. Concept of aromaticity; organic reactions – Addition reactions; Elimination
reactions; substitution reactions and rearrangements. Organic reaction mechanisms;
reaction intermediates and their characterization. Introduction to stereochemistry.
Semester 4 (JAN)
Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry (2:0) (Core for majors)
Intermolecular forces, van der Waal’s interactions, Leonard-Jones potentials, hydrogen
bonding. Laws of thermodynamics, state functions, thermodynamic properties of liquids
and solids, state equations, phase change, thermodynamic description of mixtures,

IISC chemistry Syllabus


Indian Institute of Science

C V Raman Ave, Bengaluru,

Karnataka 560012

Phone: 080 2293 2004

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