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Old 19th October 2012, 02:29 PM
muneet marwah.a
Default IIT JEE chemistry syllabus

I am preparing the entrance exam of engineering so could you please provide me the syllabus of IIT JEE chemistry, or provide me its old paper which will help me to prepare for the exam ?
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Old 30th March 2018, 08:50 AM
Default Re: IIT JEE chemistry syllabus

Hello sir, Im preparing for IIT JEE exam. For chemistry I want syllabus. Is there any one can provide me IIT JEE chemistry syllabus?
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Old 30th March 2018, 08:53 AM
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Default Re: IIT JEE chemistry syllabus

The IIT JEE syllabus for chemistry candidates preparing for the upcoming IIT JEE examination must study all the topics given in the IIT JEE Chemistry syllabus.

Enlisted is the recommended syllabus by CBSE for the JEE Examination. The syllabus contains important topics covered in the CBSE, ICSE and state boards

Topics in IIT JEE chemistry syllabus:

Physical Chemistry

General Topics
Concept of atoms and molecules; Daltons atomic theory; Mole concept; Chemical formulae; Balanced chemical equations; Calculations (based on mole concept) involving common oxidation-reduction, neutralisation, and displacement reactions; Concentration in terms of mole fraction, morality and normality.

Gaseous And Liquid States
Absolute scale of temperature, ideal gas equation; Deviation from ideality, van der Waals equation; Kinetic theory of gases, average, root mean square and most probable velocities and their relation with temperature; Law of partial pressures; Vapour pressure; Diffusion of gases.

Atomic Structure And Chemical Bonding
Bohr model, spectrum of hydrogen atom, quantum numbers; Wave-particle duality, de Broglie hypothesis; Uncertainty principle; Qualitative quantum mechanical picture of hydrogen atom, shapes of s, p and d orbitals; Electronic configurations of elements (up to atomic number 36); Aufbau principle; Paulis exclusion principle and Hunds rule; Orbital overlap and covalent bond; Hybridisation involving s, p and d orbitals only; Orbital energy diagrams for homonuclear diatomic species; Hydrogen bond; Polarity in molecules, dipole moment (qualitative aspects only); VSEPR model and shapes of molecules (linear, angular, triangular, square planar, pyramidal, square pyramidal, trigonal bipyramidal, tetrahedral and octahedral).

First law of thermodynamics; Internal energy, work and heat, pressure-volume work; Enthalpy, Hesss law; Heat of reaction, fusion and vapourization; Second law of thermodynamics; Entropy; Free energy; Criterion of spontaneity.

Chemical Equilibrium:
Law of mass action; Equilibrium constant, Le Chatelier's principle (effect of concentration, temperature and pressure); Significance of DG and DGo in chemical equilibrium; Solubility product, common ion effect, pH and buffer solutions; Acids and bases (Bronsted and Lewis concepts); Hydrolysis of salts.

Electrochemical cells and cell reactions; Standard electrode potentials; Nernst equation and its relation to DG; Electrochemical series, emf of galvanic cells; Faraday's laws of electrolysis; Electrolytic conductance, specific, equivalent and molar conductivity, Kohlrausch's law; Concentration cells.

Chemical Kinetics
Rates of chemical reactions; Order of reactions; Rate constant; First order reactions; Temperature dependence of rate constant (Arrhenius equation).

Solid State
Classification of solids, crystalline state, seven crystal systems (cell parameters a, b, c, alpha, beta, gamma), close packed structure of solids (cubic), packing in fcc, bcc and hcp lattices; Nearest neighbours, ionic radii

Raoult's law; Molecular weight determination from lowering of vapour pressure, elevation of boiling point and depression of freezing point.

Surface chemistry
Elementary concepts of adsorption (excluding adsorption isotherms); Colloids: types, methods of preparation and general properties; Elementary ideas of emulsions, surfactants and micelles (only definitions and examples)

Nuclear chemistry
Radioactivity: isotopes and isobars; Properties of alpha, beta and gamma rays; Kinetics of radioactive decay (decay series excluded), carbon dating; Stability of nuclei with respect to proton-neutron ratio; Brief discussion on fission and fusion reactions.
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