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Default Kannur University Syllabus for B Sc Physics

Can you provide me the syllabus for B Sc (Physics) – Core subject offered by Kannur University as I want to check it before applying for admission in the course?
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Default Re: Kannur University Syllabus for B Sc Physics

The syllabus for B Sc (Physics) – Core subject offered by Kannur University is as follows:

B Sc (Physics): Core I-Theory

1B01PHY: Physics Primers


Module 1: Perspective of physics (6 hrs)
What does physics deal with? Brief history of physics during last century- Planck’s hypothesis of quantum. Quantum mechanics-Einstein’s theory of relativity- Contributions by Bose, Saha, Raman, and Chandrasekhar. Semiconductor revolution in physics, Nano technology, Expanding Universe, Fundamental particles, Standard model of high energy physics, Higgs boson ,Unification of all forces.(Book 1 & 2) (Minimum Marks: 5)

Module 2: Mathematical methods in Physics (14 hrs)
Vector Analysis: Vector operations-vector Algebra-Component form-vector calculus- Del operator-gradient, divergence, curl-physical interpretation-Integral calculus-Line integral. Surface integral, volume integral-l fundamental theorem of gradients-gauss divergence theorem (statement only) fundamental theorem of curl-stokes theorem (statement only) Divergence less and cur less fields. Curvilinear co–ordinates, spherical polar coordinates cylindrical co-ordinates (basic ideas) (Book 3, Chapter 1) (Minimum Marks: 15)

Module 3: Waves and oscillations (16 hrs):
Waves-Progressive wave-General equation of wave motion- plane progressive harmonic wave-Energy density-Transverse waves in stretched strings-longitudinal waves in rodslongitudinal waves in gases-Fouriers theorem-mathematical expression-conditions. Harmonic oscillator: Simple harmonic motion and harmonic oscillator—Energy of harmonic oscillator-oscillation of two particle connected by a spring- vibrational state of a diatomic molecule-compound pendulum - composition of two simple harmonic motions of equal periods in straight line, composition of two rectangular simple harmonic motion of equal periods-Lissajous figures.(Book 4,Chapters 9,10) (Minimum Marks: 20)

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