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Default M.Tech Syllabus in NIT Hamirpur

I have taken admission in M. Tech. ( Materials Science & Engineering ) Course at NIT Hamirpur in last week. I want to collect al impotant books and notes, so i need syllabus. So tell me from where I will download syllabus of M. Tech. ( Materials Science & Engineering ) Course of NIT Hamirpur?
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Default Re: M.Tech Syllabus in NIT Hamirpur

As you are looking for syllabus of M. Tech. ( Materials Science & Engineering ) Course offering by NIT Hamirpur, so here I am providing following syllabus:

NIT Hamirpur M. Tech. ( Materials Science & Engineering ) Course Syllabus

Semester I
Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering
Characterization of Materials
Thermodynamics of Materials
Any two of the following five elective courses:-
Vacuum Science & Cryogenics
Polymer Science & Technology
Electronic Ceramics
Computational Materials Science

MS 01 Introduction to material science and engineering 3Credits (3-0-0)
Crystalline Structure, Crystal Defects and Non-crystalline structure, Diffusion, Mechanical Behaviour, Thermal Behaviour, Failure Analysis and Prevention, Phase Diagrams, Heat Treatment, Phase Transformations, Structural Materials – Metals, Ceramics and Glasses, Polymers and Composites, Electrical and Magnetic Properties, Semiconductors, Superconductors, Nanomaterials

MS-02 Characterization of Materials: 3 Credits (3-0-0)
Crystallography, X-Ray Diffraction Methods, Reitveld Refinement, Neutron Diffraction, XRay absorption, Xray Fluorescence spectroscopy, Electron Diffraction- diffraction pattern in specific modes, LEED and RHEED, Electron Optics, Electron Microscopy-Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy, STM and AFM, Compositional analysis employing AES, ESCA and Electron Probe Microanalysis.

MS-03 Thermodynamics of material 3credits (3-0-0)
Introduction and definition of terms - Thermodynamics systems, variables and processes, heterogeneous and homogeneous systems, extensive and intensive properties, simple equilibrium The First law of thermodynamics - Conservation of Energy, Heat Capacity and definition of enthalpy, Reference andstandard states, Enthalpy of physical transformations and chemical reactions The second and third laws of thermodynamics - the second law and the definition of entropy, reversible and irreversible processes, conditions for equilibrium and the definition of Helmholtz and Gibbs energies, Maximum work and maximum non-expansion work, the variation of entropy with temperature, the statistical interpretation of entropy, the most probable microstate, configurational entropy and thermal entropy, the third law of entropy, Maxwell
relations, properties of Gibbs energy Single component systems - One component systems, Clapeyron and Clausius-Clapeyron equations Solution thermodynamics - Ideal and regular solutions, Raoult’s law, activity, Gibbs-Duhem equation, partial molar properties, partial excess properties Phase diagrarms - Free energycomposition and phase diagrams of binary systems, phase diagrams with non-ideal behaviour in the solid, freezing point depression, congruent and incongruent melting points Multi-component systems – Equilibrium in multi-component, multiphase systems, reactions involving gases, equilibrium constant, extent of reaction and molar balance techniques Reactions involving gases and solids - Ellingham diagrams, Effect of
temperature on oxidation reactions, effect of phase transformations on oxidation reactions, stability of oxides, relative stability of oxides, oxygen potential and CO/CO2 ratios, H2/H2O ratios and equilibrium constants in oxide, chloride, nitrate and sulphide system Systems containing components in condensed solution - Change of standard states, phase rule, common tangent construction, solubility of gases in metals Electrochemistry - Introduction to electrochemistry, the relationship of electromotive force to reversible work and free energy, the Nernst equation, half cell reactions, activities in aqueous solutions, standard states in
aqueous cells, measurements of activities using cells and heat effects Thermodynamics of surfaces and interfaces - Surface tension, mechanical analogy of surface energy, approximate calculation of solid surface energy, effects of surface curvature, effect of surface curvature on vapour pressure and melting temperature thermodynamics of point defects

MS-04 Science & Technology of Thin Films: 3credits (3-0-0)
Physical Vapor Deposition - Hertz Knudsen equation; mass evaporation rate; Knudsen cell, Directional distribution of evaporating species Evaporation of elements, compounds, alloys, Raoult's law; e-beam, pulsed laser and ion beam evaporation, Glow Discharge and Plasma, Sputtering - mechanisms and yield, dc and rf sputtering, Bias sputtering, magnetically enhanced sputtering systems, reactive sputtering, Hybrid and Modified PVD- Ion plating, reactive evaporation, ion beam assisted deposition, Chemical Vapor Deposition - reaction chemistry and thermodynamics of CVD; Thermal CVD, laser & plasma enhanced CVD, Chemical Techniques - Spray Pyrolysis, Electrodeposition, Sol-Gel and LB Techniques, Nucleation & Growth:
capillarity theory, atomistic and kinetic models of nucleation, basic modes of thin film growth, stages of film growth & mechanisms, amorphous thin films, Epitaxy - homo, hetero and coherent epilayers, lattice misfit and imperfections, epitaxy of compound semiconductors, scope of devices and applications.

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