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Default Manipur University Physics

I am searching for syllabus of B.SC Physics Course offered by Manipur University. So do you know what should I do to download complete syllabus of B.SC Physics Course of Manipur University?
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Default Re: Manipur University Physics

As you are searching for syllabus of B.Sc Physics Course offered by Manipur University, so here I am providing syllabus:

Manipur University B.SC Physics Syllabus:

1st Semester
PHY101 (P&H) Mechanics, Properties of Matter, Relativity and Electricity
PHY102 (P&H) Practicals
PHY103 (H) Mathematical Physics I

2nd Semester
PHY201 (P&H) Thermal Physics and Oscillations
PHY202 (P&H) Practicals
PHY203 (H) Mathematical Physics II
PHY204 (H) Computational Physics (Practicals)

3rd Semester
PHY301 (P&H) Electrodynamics I and Quantum Mechanics I
PHY302 (P&H) Practicals
PHY303 (H) Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

4th Semester
PHY401 (P&H) Electronics I and Optics
PHY402 (P&H) Practicals
PHY403 (H) Mathematical Physics III and Quantum Mechanics II

5ht Semester
PHY501 (P&H) Nuclear Physics I and Solid State Physics I
PHY502 (P&H) Practicals
PHY503 (H) Electrodynamics II and Electronics II

6th Semester
PHY601 (P&H) Atomic Physics, Particle Physics & Cosmic Rays
PHY602 (P&H) Practicals
PHY603 (H) Astrophysics, Cosmology and Classical Mechanics
PHY604 (H) Solid State Physics II
PHY605 (H) Nuclear Physics II
PHY606 (H) Practicals
PHY607 (H) Project Work

PHY101 Mechanics, Properties of Matter, Relativity & Electricity

Unit I: Mechanics (1) (12 lectures/hours)
Newton's laws of motion: absolute time and absolute space, superposition principle.
Fundamental forces of nature: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak
nuclear forces, frictional forces.
Energy method to analyse mechanical systems: simple harmonic oscillator, pendulum.
Phase space description of mechanical systems: simple harmonic oscillator.
Symmetry properties of Newton's equations: invariance under shift of coordinate system, invariance under rotation of coordinate axes, invariance under time translation, invariance under time reversal, invariance under mirror reflection, invariance under Galilean transformation.
Central force problem: two-dimensional motion of a projectile in Cartesian coordinate
system with and without air drag.
Motion of two-dimensional projectile in radial polar coordinate system.
Kepler's problem of planetary motion and its solution, classification of Kepler orbits, orbits of artificial satellites, Virial theorem.
Motion in non-inertial reference frames: accelerating reference frame along a straight line, reference frame rotating with constant angular velocity, earth as reference frame, apparent gravitational acceleration, Coriolis force, Focault pendulum.

Unit II: Mechanics (2) (12 lectures/hours)
Work-Energy theorem, vector field and scalar fields, conservative force fields, nonconservative force fields, conservation of momentum, system of particles and centre of mass, Sun-Earth system (Kepler’s problem), kinetic and potential energy of a system of particles.
Translational symmetry and conservation of linear momentum, angular momentum of a single particle, angular momentum of a system of particles, rotational symmetry and
conservation of angular momentum, angular momentum of rigid bodies.
Rigid Body Dynamics: kinetic energy of a rigid body and moment of inertia, equation of motion of a rigid body, examples of rotation about a single axis, rotation with constraints, rotation about more than one principal axis, gyroscope, gyroscopic motion, gyrostatic pendulum, precession of a top.

Unit III: Properties of Matter (12 lectures/hours)
(a) Elasticity
Hooke's law, work done in strain, elongation strain, volume strain, shearing strain, Young's modulus, Bulk modulus and rigidity modulus and their inter-relationship, Poisson’s ratio, torsion in a cylinder, twisting couple, variation of strain along its length. Bending of beams and cantilevers in different cases: loaded at free end, loaded uniformly, bending moments.
(b) Viscosity
Equation of continuity, Energy of a liquid in flow, Bernoulli's theorem, critical velocity, Reynold's number, Poiseuille's equation, motion in a viscous medium: Stoke's law, streamline and turbulent flow.
(c) Hydrodynamics
Vorticity, equation of continuity, Euler's equation of motion, stream function in two
dimensions, gravity waves and surface ripples.
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