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Default NET exam for MBA Graduate from Distance

I want to get complete information about the NET exam eligibility as well as a sample paper of this exam. So here can you provide me information about it?
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Default Re: NET exam for MBA Graduate from Distance

I have almost complete information about the NET exam. Here you need sample paper and eligibility information, so I am telling you about the eligibility and providing you a sample paper as you want.


Those applicants who have got master’s Degree with 55% from universities can apply for the examination

Final year applicants are also take the exam.

For Junior Research Fellowship - Applicants should be not more than 28 years. Age relaxation up to 5 years is provided to SC, ST and for OBC applicants.

For Lectureship - There is no upper age limit for applying for lectureship.

Sample paper;

1. A research paper is a brief report of
research work based on
(A) Primary Data only
(B) Secondary Data only
(C) Both Primary and Secondary Data
(D) None of the above

2. Newton gave three basic laws of
motion. This research is categorized as
(A) Descriptive Research
(B) Sample Survey
(C) Fundamental Research
(D) Applied Research

3. A group of experts in a specific area
of knowledge assembled at a place
and prepared a syllabus for a new
course. The process may be termed
(A) Seminar
(B) Workshop
(C) Conference
(D) Symposium

4. In the process of conducting research
‘Formulation of Hypothesis” is
followed by
(A) Statement of Objectives
(B) Analysis of Data
(C) Selection of Research Tools
(D) Collection of Data

11. Public communication tends to occur
within a more
(A) complex structure
(B) political structure
(C) convenient structure
(D) formal structure

12. Transforming thoughts, ideas and
messages into verbal and non-verbal
signs is referred to as
(A) channelisation
(B) mediation
(C) encoding
(D) decoding

13. Effective communication needs a
(A) economic environment
(B) political environment
(C) social environment
(D) multi-cultural environment

14. A major barrier in the transmission
of cognitive data in the process of
communication is an individual’s
(A) personality
(B) expectation
(C) social status
(D) coding ability

15. When communicated, institutionalised
stereotypes become
(A) myths
(B) reasons
(C) experiences
(D) convictions

16. In mass communication, selective
perception is dependent on the
(A) competence
(B) pre-disposition
(C) receptivity
(D) ethnicity

17. Determine the relationship between
the pair of words NUMERATOR :
DENOMINATOR and then select
the pair of words from the following
which have a similar relationship :
(A) fraction : decimal
(B) divisor : quotient
(C) top : bottom
(D) dividend : divisor

18. Find the wrong number in the
125, 127, 130, 135, 142, 153, 165
(A) 130 (B) 142
(C) 153 (D) 165

19. If HOBBY is coded as IOBY and
LOBBY is coded as MOBY; then
BOBBY is coded as

20. The letters in the first set have
certain relationship. On the basis of
this relationship, make the right
choice for the second set :
K/T : 11/20 :: J/R : ?
(A) 10/8 (B) 10/18
(C) 11/19 (D) 10/19

21. If A = 5, B = 6, C = 7, D = 8 and so
on, what do the following numbers
stand for ?
17, 19, 20, 9, 8
(A) Plane
(B) Moped
(C) Motor
(D) Tonga

22. The price of oil is increased by 25%.
If the expenditure is not allowed to
increase, the ratio between the
reduction in consumption and the
original consumption is
(A) 1 : 3 (B) 1 : 4
(C) 1 : 5 (D) 1 : 6

23. How many 8’s are there in the
following sequence which are
preceded by 5 but not immediately
followed by 3 ?
5 8 3 7 5 8 6 3 8 5 4 5 8 4 7 6
5 5 8 3 5 8 7 5 8 2 8 5
(A) 4 (B) 5
(C) 7 (D) 3

24. If a rectangle were called a circle, a
circle a point, a point a triangle and a
triangle a square, the shape of a
wheel is
(A) Rectangle
(B) Circle
(C) Point
(D) Triangle

25. Which one of the following methods
is best suited for mapping the
distribution of different crops as
provided in the standard
classification of crops in India ?
(A) Pie diagram
(B) Chorochromatic technique
(C) Isopleth technique
(D) Dot method

26. Which one of the following does not
come under the methods of data
classification ?
(A) Qualitative
(B) Normative
(C) Spatial
(D) Quantitative

27. Which one of the following is not a
source of data ?
(A) Administrative records
(B) Population census
(D) Sample survey

28. If the statement ‘some men are cruel’is false, which of the following
statements/statement are/is true ?
(i) All men are cruel.
(ii) No men are cruel.
(iii) Some men are not cruel.
(A) (i) and (iii)
(B) (i) and (ii)
(C) (ii) and (iii)
(D) (iii) only

29. The octal number system consists of
the following symbols :
(A) 0 – 7
(B) 0 – 9
(C) 0 – 9, A – F
(D) None of the above

30. The binary equivalent of (–19)10 in
signed magnitude system is
(A) 11101100
(B) 11101101
(C) 10010011
(D) None of these

NET exam paper
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