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Default NLSIU Criminal Law Project Topics

Hello sir, I’m a student of National Law School of India University. Here I’m looking for to submit project topics for National Law School of India University in criminal law. Will you please provide me NLSIU Criminal Law Project Topics?
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Default Re: NLSIU Criminal Law Project Topics

The National Law School of India University is provides all topics for to submit projects by candidates in Criminology & Criminal Jurisprudence. This National Law School of India University is says that all candidates are needed to submit their project on time which is deadline for submission of projects.


Examine ten Supreme Court decision on any one of the following four themes decided during the last fifteen years during of the time and critically evaluate the approaches adopted by the Supreme Court.

The script shall be in the range of 6000-7500 words.

Punishment to an accused for the offence of Rape
Award of death sentence for Heinous crimes in India
Drug Trafficking in India
Corruption & Bribery cases in India

National Law School of India University Criminal Law Project Topics:

Project Topics
General Exceptions to criminal Liability : Theoretical foundation
Infancy and Criminal Liability
Mistake as a General Exception
Accident and Criminal Liability
Intoxication and Criminal Liability
Judicial interpretation of Unsoundness of mind
Consent as a Defence
Good faith as an Excuse
Right of Private Defence: Judicial Interpretation
Supreme Court on Section 100
Judicial interpretation of Section 103
Commencement and continuance of RPD: Judicial interpretation
Corporate criminal Liability : The Identification principle
Interface of Individualism and corporatism
G.R. Sullivan, “The Attributation of culpability to limited companies,” (1996) 55 Camb LJ 515
Meridian Global Funds Management Asia Ltd v. Securities Commission [1972] AC 153
Assistant Commissioner, Assessment – II, Bangalore & Others v. M/s. Velliappa Textiles Ltd. AIR 2004 SC 86
U.P. Pollution Control Board v. Modi Distillery, AIR 1988 SC 1128
The principle of contemporaneity experiences of English and Indian Law
The Doctrine of Prior Fault: Relevance in the context of general exceptions
Strict Liability: Concerns and challenges
Strict Liability: Constitutional challenge/
Theoretical Foundations of fault, conduct and Result
A. Ashworth, “Is the Criminal Law a Lost Cause”? (2000) 116 LQR 225
A. Ashworth, “ The scope of criminal Liability for Omissions (1989) 105 LQR 424
A. Ashworth & Blake M, “ The Presumption of Innocence in English Criminal Law” [1996] Crim LR 306
A. Ashworth, ‘Intoxication and the General Defences’ [1980] Crim LR 556
Chalmers & Leverick F “ Fair Labelling in Criminal Law” (2008) 71 MLR 217
Dennis I, “ The Rationale of criminal Conspiracy” (1977) 93 LQR 39
A.P. Simester, Is strict Liability always wrong? In A.P. Simester (Ed.) Appraising strict Liability (2005)
Basudev vs. State of Pepsn, AIR 1956 SC 488
Duress per minas: Judicial Interpretation
Dminimis non curat lex: Interpretation
Nabiabi vs. State of M.P., AIR 1992 SC 602
Rajesh Kumar vs. Dharam veer, AIR 1997 SC 3769
Motising vs. State of Maharashtra, (2002) 9 Scc 494 – A Review
Babulal Bhagwan vs. State of Maharashtra, (2005) (10) SCC 404
Ramsundar Yadav vs. State of Bihar, AIR 1998 Sc 3117
V. Subramani & Anr. vs. State of Tamilnadu, (2005) 10 SCC 358
Glaze brook, “Should we have a law of attempted crime”? 1969 LQR 28
K. Venkat Rao vs. State of AP, AIR 2004 SC 1874
Abyanand Mishra vs. State of Bihar, AIR 1961 SC 1698
State of Maharashtra vs. Mohd. Yakub, (1980) 3 SCC 57
Aman Kumar & Another vs. State of Haryana, (2004) 4 SCC 379
Re: T Munirathnam Reddy, AIR 1955 SC 118
R vs. Shirpuri, (1986) 2 All ER 374
Malkerat Singh vs. State of Punjab, AIR 1970 SC 713
K. Prema S Rao vs. Y. Srinivasa Rao, AIR 2003 SC 11
CBI vs. V.C. Shukla & Others, AIR 1988 SC 1406
Mohd. Khalid vs. State of WB, (2002) 7 SCC 334
State of AP vs. K. Subhaiah, AIR 1961 SC 1241
Barendra Kumar Ghosh vs. King Emperor, AIR 1925 PC 1
Girija Shankar vs. State of UP, AIR 2004 SC 1308
Lallan Raj vs. State of Bihar, (2003) 1 SCC 268
Mehboob Shah vs. Emperor, AIR 1945 PC 118
Ramnath vs. State of MP, AIR 1953 SC 420
State of MP vs. Deshraj and Others, AIR 2004 SC 2764
Dukhmochan Pandey v. State of Bihar, 1998 Cr LJ 66: AIR 1998 SC 40
Rangaswamy vs. State of TN, AIR 1989 SC 1137
Nand Rastogi vs. State of Bihar, (2002) 8 SCC 9
Brishlalal Prasad Sinha vs. State of Bihar, AIR 1998 SC 2443
Nanak Chand vs. State of Punjab, AIR 1955 SC 274
Chitarmal with moti vs. State of Rajasthan, AIR 2003 SC 796
Offence of Sedation: Judicial Interpretation
Kedarnath vs. State of Bihar, AIR 1962 SC 955
Offences of unlawful assembly and Riot : Judicial Interpretation
Riot & Affray : Judicial Interpretation
Muthu Naicker and Others vs. State of Tamil Nadu, (1978) 4 SCC 385
Mosakhan & Others vs. State of Maharashtra, AIR 1976 SC 2566
Offence of Perjury: Judicial Interpretation of Eng & Ind. Law
KTMS Mohammed vs. UOI, AIR 1992 SC 1831
Giving false evidence & Fabricating false evidence – distinguishing features: Judicial Interpretation
K. Poornachandra Rao vs. Public Prosecutor, AP, AIR 1975 SC 1925
Roshan Lal vs. State of Punjab, AIR 1965 SC 1413
Sarala Mudgal vs. UOI, AIR 1995 SC 1531
Revathi vs. UOI, AIR 1998 SC 835
Soumitri Vishnu vs. UOI, AIR 1995 SC 1618
K.N. Mehra vs. State of Rajasthan, AIR 1957 SC 369
Pyarelal Bhargava vs. State of Rajasthan, AIR 1963 SC 1094
K.A. Mathai vs. Cora BB Kutti, (1996) 7 SCC 212
Distinction between theft and extortion: Judicial Interpretation
Offences of Robbery & Dacoity: Judicial Interpretation
Offence of Cheating: Judicial Interpretation
Offence of Dacoity with murder: Judicial Interpretation
Distinction between offence of criminal misappropriation & criminal breach of trust: Judicial Interpretation
Offence of Criminal trespass: Judicial Interpretation
Offence of forgery: Judicial Interpretation
Offence of criminal defamations: Judicial Interpretation
Offence of child sexual abuse: Judicial Interpretation
Sexual harassment at work place: Judicial Interpretation
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