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Default Orissa Medical Entrance Exam form

What is the complete procedure of filling the Orissa Medical Entrance Exam form????????????
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Default Re: Orissa Medical Entrance Exam form

In the year 2014 the Orissa Medical Entrance Exam was held on 11th May, 2014. the application form is now removed from the official website, still I am telling you the procedure of filling the form which will be useful for you in the near future.

Application form:

Application Forms can be obtained from certain post offices and banks on payments of – Rupees Five Hundred and Fifty Only, A DD can also be drawn in favour of “OJEE ” The form can also be downloaded from the official website of it. following documents are required at the time of filling the form:

At least three printouts of the computer generated Confirmation Page of the Application Form.
Proof of fee payment.
7 copies of identical Photograph as pasted on the confirmation Page of Online Application.

OJEE Chemistry Syllabus
General behaviour of matter :

Solid State : Characteristics, Classification, Solubility, Melting points, Crystal structure of simple ionic compounds. Radius ratio and coordination number: density calculation, lattice points and voids.

Liquid State : Characteristics, Boiling and Freezing points, Viscosity, Surface tension, Osmosis, Raoult’s law, Lowering of vapour pressure, Depression of freezing points, Elevation of boiling points, Anomalous molecular masses; Association and dissociation.

Solutions : Types of solutions, concentration and different ways of expressing concentration ( percentage, ppm, strength, normality, molarity, molality and formality ); Interrelations.

Gaseous State : Gas laws, Kinetic model of gases, ideal gas equation, Van der waals’ equation, compressibility factor, Average, root mean square and most probable velocities.

Atoms and molecules : Symbols, Valency, Atomic mass, Molecular mass, Avogadro’s law, Mole concept, Determination of equivalent mass of zinc and copper, Atomic mass by Dulong Petit’s method and Molecular mass by Victor Mayor’s method. Stoichiometry and calculations based on stoichiometry.

Structure of atoms and molecules : Fundamentals particles and their properties, Rutherford and Bohr models of atom, Hydrogen spectrum, Energy levels, Shells and Sub-shells, s, p and d orbitals, Quantum numbers, Pauli’s exclusion principle, Aufbauprinciple, Hund’s rule, Electronic configuration of atoms, Extra stability of half filled and filled subshells.

Chemical bonds : Ionic, Covalent, Coordinate and Hydrogen bond, Hybridisation – sp, sp2, sp3, dsp2,dsp3, d2sp3 shapes of molecules, VSEPR theory, Molecular Orbital Theory of simple diatomic molecules.

Periodic classification : Periodic table and periodic laws, s, p, d and f block elements, Periodicity in properties such as atomic and ionic radii, ionization enthalpy, electron gain enthalpy, electronegativity and oxidation states.

Chemical energetics, equilibrium and kinetics :

Energetics : Internal energy, Enthalpy, Heats of reactions, Bond energy, Hess’s law, Idea on enthalpy, entropy and free energy, spontaneity and conditions of equilibrium.

Equilibria : Reversible reaction, Law of mass action, Equilibrium constant Kp, Kc, Kx and their relation. Its application to ammonia synthesis and dissociation of HI, Decomposition and thermal dissociation. Theory of acids and bases, Dissociation of weak acids and bases, Ostwald’s dilution law, Ionic product of water, Common ion effect, Solubility product and their applications, pH, Hydrolysis of salts, Buffer solutions.

Kinetics : Rate of reaction, Factors affecting the rate, Rate constant, Order and Molecularity of a reaction, Simple zero and First order reaction, Half life period, Arrehnious equation and Activation Energy, Collision theory ( qualitative idea only )

Types of chemical reaction : Neutralisation and oxidation – Reduction reaction, Equivalent mass, Oxidation number, Balancing chemical reactions, by Ion electron method, Reactions involving KMnO4, K2Cr2O7, Na2S2O3, oxalate etc.

Non – metals : Group study, Preparation, Properties and uses of elements of compounds of hydrogen ( ortho and para hydrogen, isotopes of hydrogen, D2O and H2O2 ). Allotropes of carbon, Nitrogen family ( NH3 and HNO3 ). Oxygen and sulphur family ( O2, H2S, SO2, H2SO4 and its manufacture by contact process ), Halogens, Hydrogen halides and Interhalogen compounds, Zero group elements ( properties & uses ).

Electrochemistry : Electrolysis, Electrical Conductivity ( Specific, Equivalent and molar ), Faraday’s laws, Kohlvauseh law, Galvanic cell, Cell reaction, Nernst equation, Standard electrode potential, Electro chemical series e.m.f. of simple cells. Fuel cells.

Nuclear chemistry : Radio activity, Rate of disintegration, Group displacement law, Half – life and average life period, Stability of nuclear ( N/P ratio ) Carbon dating, Nuclear Fission and Fusion. Induced radioactivity by protons, neutrons and alpha particles.

Metals and Metallurgy : Occurrence of metal, Minerals and ores, flux, slag calcination, roasting, smelting ( by reduction of oxides ) and refining. General trends in the characteristics, principles of extraction of Na, Mg, Ca, Al, Cu and Fe and their oxides, hydroxides, chlorides, nitrates and sulfates.

Organic Chemistry :

Introductory : Functional Groups and organic radicals, Nomenclature by IUPAC system ( substitutive method ), Isomerism ( Structural and stereoisomenism – optical and geometrical ) EZ & RS nomenclature, Electron mobility – Inductive effect, Resonance, Electromeric effect and Hyperconjugation; their applications. Types of organic reactions – addition, substitution, elimination reactions. Idea of electrophiles and nuclephiles; Reaction intermediates – idea of carbocations, carbanion & free radicals; their stabilities.

Aliphatic compounds : Methods of preparation and properties of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes ( acidity of terminal alkynes ), haloalkanes, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, acid derivatives ( acid chlorides, esters and amides ), nitroalkanes and amines.

Aromatic Compounds : Aromaticity ( Huckel’s rule ), Aromatic hydrocarbon ( Preparation and reactions – Substitution, addition, ozonolysis ) Phenols ( Preparation and reactions ) : Aldehydes ( Preparations and reactions ); Acids ( Preparation and reactions ). Amines ( Preparation and reactions ); Diazonium salts ( synthetic application ).

Biochemistry : Biological importance of organic compounds such as carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids ( only by metabolic process ).

Chemistry in the service of mankind : General idea on fertilizers, pesticides, polymers ( Nylon, terylene, neoprene, buna-S, PVC, Teflon & bakelite ). Medicine – Analgesic, Antipyretic, Antibiotic and antiseptic ( structure and preparation not required ).
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