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Default Previous Question Papers Of Manipal University For MBBS

Hii sir, I wants to get the Previous year Question Paper of the MBBS Examination of the Botany of the Manipal University Will you Please provide it ?
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Default Re: Previous Question Papers Of Manipal University For MBBS

Previous year Question Paper of the MBBS Examination of the Botany of the Manipal University the Question Paper is as Follows

1. Glucose and amino acids are reabsorbed in the
A. proximal tubule B. distal tubule C. collecting duct D. loop of Henl

2. The amount of CSF in the cranial cavity
A. 500 ml B. 140 ml C. 1 litre D. 1.5 ml

3. Which one is imino acid?
A. Pepsin B. Proline C. Cysteine D. Renin

4. The main difference between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria is
A. Cell membrane B. Cell Wall C. Ribosome D. Mitochondria

5. ACTH is secreted from
A. Adrenal cortex B. Pituitary C. Adrenal Medulla D. Thyroid

7. Inner surface of the bronchi, bronchioles and fallopian tubes are line by
A. cubical epithelium B. columnar epithelium C. squamous epithelium D. ciliated epithel

8. Electric potential of the brain is recorded by
A. CT Scan B. Sphygmomanometer C. ECG D. EEG

9. Which of the following is related to humoral immunity ?
A. T-lymphocyte B. B-lymphocyte C. I-lymphocyte D. P-lymphocyte

10. Fertilization occur in
A. Uterus B. Ureter C. Vagina D. Fallopian tube

11. The Gastrin is secreted from
A. Intestine B. Stomach C. Pancreas D. Rectum

12. The cause of cretinism is
A. Hypothyroidism B. Hypoparathyroidism C. Hyperthyroidism D. Hyperparathy

13. Which of the following is a minerelocorticoid ?
A. Testosterone B. Progesterone C. Adrenalin D. Aldosterone

14. The part of the brain where the centre for hunge and thirst is located is
A. Cerebrum B. Hypothalamus C. Cerebellum D. Medulla Oblo
15. The reflex arc, which is made of two neurons is known as
A. Monosynsptic reflex arc B. Disynaptic reflex arc
C. Polysynaptic reflex arc D. Asynaptic reflex arc

16. The lactase hydrolyzes lactose into
A. Glucose B. Glucose and galactose C. Fructose D. Glucose and

17. In 24 hours, total glomerular filtrate formed in human kidney is
A. 1.7 litres B. 7 litres C. 17 litres D. 170 litres

18. When the oxygen supply to the tissue is inadequate, the condition is
A. Dyspnea B. Hypoxia C. Asphyxia D. Apnea

19. Which one of the following is not a second messenger in hormone action ?
A. Calcium B. Sodium C. cAMP D. cGMP

20. The name of the pace maker of the heart is
A. Lymph node B. S.A. node
C. Juxtaglumerular apparatus D. Semilunar valve

21. What is a genophore ?
A. DNA in prokaryotes B. DNA and RNA in prokaryotes
C. DNA and protein in prokaryotes D. RNA in prokaryotes

22. Example of a typical homopolysaccharide is
A. Ligin B. Suberin C. Inulin D. Starch

23. Who wrote the famous book "Origin of Species"?
A. Larmarck B. Darwin C. De Vries D. Mendel

24. Polyploid derived from two different species is called
A. Autopolyploid B. Triploid C. Allopolyploid D. Monoploid

25. Electrons used in Electron Microscope are of the wavelength
A. 0.05 Å B. 0.15 Å C. 0.25 Å D. 0.30 Å

26. Biolistic technique is used in
A. Tissue culture process B. Gene transfer process
C. Hybridization process D. Germplasm conservation process

27. Example of water soluble plant pigment is
A. Chlorophyll-a B. Chlorophyll-b C. Anthocyanin D. Xanthophyl

28. Structure element of Chromatin is
A. Histone B. Acid protein and DNA C. Nuclear matrix D. Nucleosom

29. Inulin is a polymer of
A. Glucose B. Galactose C. Fructose D. Arabinose

30. Mannitol is
A. Amino acid B. Amino alcohol C. Sugar alcohol D. Sugar acid

Rest of the Question Paper you may Found from the below Attachement that is Free to Download
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