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Default SSC Syllabus For Computer Application

I am doing schooling from West Bengal. can you provide me WBSSC Syllabus For Computer Application?
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Default Re: SSC Syllabus For Computer Application

I am providing you WBSSC Syllabus For Computer Application you:-
1. Computer Fundamentals:
Parts of a Computer, Block diagram of a Computer system and brief description of
each functional unit, Input and Output devices, Memory hierarchies, Application
and System software, Computer Languages.
2. Computer Arithmetic:
Positional number systems and conversion of one base to another, Binary
arithmetic, Negative number representation using 1’s and 2’s complement, Various
codes: ASCII, EBCDIC, BCD, BCD arithmetic.
3. Digital logic fundamentals:
Boolean algebra: Concepts and basic postulates, Forming Boolean expression,
Minimization of function using algebra and K-maps, Implementation using basic
Combinational Circuits: Half Adder, Full Adder, Multiplexer and Demultiplexer.
Sequential Circuits: Flip flops and Counters.
4. Operating System:
Concept of Operating System, Functions of Operating System, Classification of
Operating System, Process scheduling, Brief study about processor Management
and memory management algorithm, Concept of Deadlock.
5. Data Structure:
Date types and Structures-defination, Concept of linear and nonlinear data
structures, Linear data structure: Array, Linkist, Stack, Queue.
Nonlinear data structure: Graph, Tree
Brief Study of algorithm, Complexity of an algorithm, Studies of searching and
Sorting algorithms.
6. Programming Language:
(a) C- Language:
Basic structure, Character set, Keywords, identifiers, Constant and
variables-type declaration. Arithmetic, Relational, Logical and Assignment
operator, Conditional Operator, Formatted Input and Output, Branching and
Looping. Array-one dimensional and two dimensional, Pointers, Structure
and Union, File handling.
(b) Object Oriented Programming:
Concept, Difference with procedure oriented programming, data
abstraction-object, class and methods, inheritance and polymorphism, OO
approach- C++ as OO language.
7. DBMS:
Advantage of using DBMS, Architecture, Relational Data Model, E-R data model,
Writing of simple query, using relational algebra and SQL, Normalisation.
8. Network:
Goals of Computer Network, Performance of a network, LAN, MAN, WAN and
Internet, Various topologies and transmission media, OSI and TCP/IP Model, Concept of
Protocols, Routing techniques, Switching techniques: Circuit and packet switching,
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