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rohan achlerkar.
Default Tumkur University Tumkur Karnataka

I am thinking to take admission in Tumkur University so I want to know about the colleges affiliated to it.
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Old 6th April 2018, 04:57 PM
Default Re: Tumkur University Tumkur Karnataka

Can you provide me the B. Sc. Biochemistry Syllabus (CBCS) of Tumkur University as I need it for preparation of semester examination?
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Old 6th April 2018, 05:00 PM
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Default Re: Tumkur University Tumkur Karnataka

The B. Sc. Biochemistry Syllabus (CBCS) of Tumkur University is as follows:

I semester
1.3 Atoms and Colligative Properties of Solutions 60 Hrs
Unit-I 15 Hrs

Periodic Classification: Trends in the periodic table atomic and ionic radii, ionization energy, electro negativity and electron affinity. Concept of oxidation number and its computation
Atomic structure: Electromagnetic radiation, Wave particle duality- Louis de Broglie equation. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle The Schrodinger wave equation, Quantum numbers Atomic orbital and their shapes The Pauli Exclusion Principle Hunds rule The Aufbeu process Electronic Configuration of the elements
Chemical Bonding: Types of bonds-Ionic bond. Covalent bond-Valence bond theory Hybridization examples: ammonia, water and ethane. Sigma and pi bonds Concept of resonance Molecular Orbital theory Properties of covalent bond, bond length, bond energy and bond angle, Polarity of Molecules Coordinate bond, Vander Wals Forces Hydrogen Bonds; inter and intra molecular types. Hydrophobic forces

Unit-II 15 Hrs
Radioactivity: Natural & artificial radioactivity. Detection of radioactivity, Characteristics of radio elements, Disintegration constant Half-life Applications of radioactive isotopes in Biological studies
Biological effect of radiations and their safety measures Solutions and Colligative properties: Concentration units-molarity, molality, normality and mole fraction. Types of Solutions- homogenous and heterogeneous Hypo, hyper and isotonic solutions
Osmotic pressure and its measurement by the Berkley-Hartley method Laws of osmotic pressure Effect of osmotic pressure on living cells. Donnan membrane equilibrium Colloidal solution, distinction between lyophilic and lyophobic solutions Methods of preparation of colloidal solution, Tyndall effect, application of colloidal chemistry, emulsion and emulsifying agents

Unit-III 15 Hrs
Electrolytic Dissociation and Mass Law: Strong and weak electrolytes. Activity and activity coefficient Relationship between activity coefficient and ionic strength Common ion effect, solubility product and their applications Conductance and its measurement Electrochemical cells: Oxidation-reduction reactions, Reversible electrodes and cells. Single electrode potential Nersts equation Standard electrode potentials Reference electrodes Ion selective electrodes and their applications
Water, Acids and Bases: Dissociation of water, ionic product of water, concepts of pH, pOH, simple numerical problems of pH, determination of pH using indicators, pH meter and theoretical calculations.
Dissociation of weak acids and electrolytes, Bronsted theory of acids and bases, shapes of titration curve of strong and weak acids and bases.

Unit-IV 15 Hrs

Buffers: Meaning of Ka and pKa values, buffers and buffer action. Buffers in biological system, Henderson -Hasselbalch equation with derivation, simple numerical problems involving application of this equation, simple numerical problems on buffer composition
Adsorption, Viscosity and Surface tension: Adsorption of gases by solids. Heat of adsorption Freundlich and Lanugmuir adsorption isotherms with derivations Applications of adsorption
Determination of viscosity of liquids using Ostwalds viscometer Relation of viscosity and shape of molecules with examples Surface tension: Definition, determination of surface tension of liquids using Stalagmometer. Effect of surfactants

1) Physical Chemistry-N.B. Singh- Newagepublishers, 2nd Ed, 2007.
2) Textbook of Physical Chemistry- Dr M V Sangaranarayanan and Dr V Mahadevan- Universities
Press; Ist Ed, 2011
3) General Chemistry-S. Ekambaram, Ist Ed, Pearson Education, 2012
4) Chemistry-The Molecular Science-Olmsted and Williams, 2nd Ed, WCB Publishers, 1997
5) Principles of General Chemistry-Bruce A. Averill and Patricia Eldredge, Ingram, 2011

B. Sc. Biochemistry Syllabus (CBCS) Tumkur University

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